It’s Not My Fault I Never Learned to Accept Responsibility

As Chief Influencer here, I feel entitled to administer the occasional lecture. Some would say my lectures are more like rants. So be it. Have you ever known a person who seems to have bad things happen to them again and again and again? You know – their relationships constantly fall apart, every job they […]

Want to Sell More From Your Blog In the Next 5 Minutes? Here’s How.

You don’t have time to waste when you’re running an online business. You need certain things to make your business run: specific plugins, software, or payment gateways – but many of them are so complex (and so hard to get support from) that it’s almost not worth the effort to use them. You know exactly […]

The Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself: Why Are You Here?

Your why is your real, deep-seated reason for what you do. It’s the heart and soul of your business. The very reason it exists.

The Albert Einstein Guide to Influence

Have you ever noticed that ridiculously successful people tend to have similar ideas and attitudes about things? Even in the most unrelated of industries, the core beliefs of the super successful seem to find common ground. I’ve always been intrigued by the life of Albert Einstein. I’m no scientist by any stretch, and most of […]

The Simplest Sales Tactic You’re Probably Overlooking

Real sales isn’t something you do to someone. It’s something you do for someone. There is no pushing, and the person being sold doesn’t feel like they’re being sold

One Simple Secret of the Insanely Successful

Are you ready for your secret to success? The obligatory internet simple tip? There’s no making you wait for this one. No magic copywriting formula to tempt you along deeper and deeper into the copy today. No, this one is pretty simple. If you really want significant things to happen in your life, it’s pretty […]

How Jeff Goins Took Me Down a Peg – And How It Can Benefit Your Blog

There’s so much finding your voice noise out there that it gets confusing and you start to believe that, next to oxygen, finding the right voice is the singular most vital key to your existence.

Your Client Wants Your Solutions Like They Want A Hole In The Head

You have a snowball’s chance in Phoenix of getting your clients to listen to your solutions if you’re making one simple but incredibly common mistake.

How The Law of Reciprocity Can Make or Break Your Business

Learning the right way and the wrong way to take advantage of The Law of Reciprocity gives you a powerful advantage in growing your business.

Your Innate Power of Influence – What’s Your Magic Wand?

Within you, you have a massive amount of influence. You may not know it yet, but there’s something about you and your life experiences that is completely unique. No one in the history of our species has walked in your shoes.

The Law of Large Numbers – And Why You May Not Hear From Me Again

Hey, it’s been fun everyone, but you may not be hearing from me again.

I’ll miss all of this, but fortune has smiled upon me and it appears that I will soon be the recipient of about $14.6 million dollars! I know! I was blown away, too.

You see, I was approached recently by two different individuals – both desperately needing help with transferring some funds from overseas.

But instead of me telling you about it, let me show you.