The Easiest Way to Create an Endless Stream of Blog Post Topics


There comes a time in every content creator’s life when the idea well runs dry.

Or at least we think the well has run dry.

The pressure of coming up with great blog post topics can jam us up mentally over time. And when we get stuck, we tend to overlook the simple answers. We get so flustered and confused that we fail to see the solutions that may be right under our noses.

The truth of the matter is that your audience, followers, and customers have given you more ideas than you realize. You probably just weren’t paying attention. I’ve been there myself. More times than it’s cool to admit as a matter of fact.

I made the video below after several readers brought up this very problem to me. My advice helped get them out of their funks – let’s see if it opens the floodgates for you, too.



By the way, did you notice the reason why I made this video in the first place? It’s in the very beginning. I made it because my audience asked for it. Your audience is asking you for help, too. Sometimes directly… and sometimes indirectly. The important question is, “Are you listening?”

So take an inventory. What are the questions your audience has been asking you for either directly or indirectly? Have you been paying attention and delivering content that can truly help them?



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Gary is a battle-tested sales and marketing pro, copywriter, coach, and business strategist who teaches how to create worthwhile work on Reboot Authentic. Connect with Gary on Google+ and Twitter.

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  1. Great video, Gary. Even though I write almost daily and I’m constantly logging ideas in Evernote, amazingly I still get writer’s block.

    Our minds get pulled in so many different directions, sometimes you forget the basics like … people go to Google to solve problems. They generally don’t search Google when everything is going just fine. Duh, of course!

    I’m not above saying I forget the obvious from time to time. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    1. We all forget the obvious…. hence your well-placed “duh.” 🙂

      That’s why I harp on the basics and simple solutions so much. They’re crazy effective, and unfortunately on of the first things we cast aside when things get crazy.

      Thanks very much Mark – for the tweet, too!

      1. Re: Disqus … I’m probably in the *don’t care either way* category. Like Mary mentioned above, it can sometimes be temperamental and frustrating to use. Hence, you’ll probably lose a few good comments along the way. If I absolutely had to pick one way or the other, I’d opt for the native commenting system built into WordPress and eliminate Discus altogether. Just my 2 cents.

        1. Thanks Mark. Interesting. Maybe Mary is right about this.

          Any thoughts on CommentLuv?

          1. I really don’t know much about CommentLuv. Sorry.

  2. MaryJaksch

    This is very interesting post, Gary. Our creativity needs only the slightest nudge to burst into action. And, as you explain, there are a many ways to get that nudge from our readers.

    Note 1 by a frustrated commenter: I nearly gave up on posting this comment as Disqus makes commenting a difficult endeavor. How about getting rid of the damn thing??

    Not2 by a frustrated commenter: Still haven’t been able to publish the comment because I used the wrong password for freaking Disqus. I’m seriously going off the boil and wonder whether it’s worth spending so much time on commenting.

    1. Just in case everyone can’t tell by the loving Disqus comments – Mary is actually a dear friend. A dear friend who hates Disqus!

      So first – thanks for the comment on the post, Mary. You know better than anyone how I get stuck just as much as anyone. And the audience is always there to push you in the right direction if you’re paying attention.

      Secondly – let’s just open up this Disqus thing as a conversation.

      EVERYONE: Just give me a *love it* *hate it* or *don’t care either way* when it comes to using Disqus.

      I want to know!

      1. MaryJaksch

        Ah yes, I forgot to say that the only reason I battled on with getting my comment onto the blog is because Gary is a dear friend of mine – and also a blogger with top talent 🙂

        1. You’re too kind, Mary.

          Except when discussing Disqus 😛

      2. Sophie Lizard

        This video and this blog? Love ’em. Disqus? Fucking hate it with a passion. How about a post on why people battle on with products they hate, Gary? 😉

        1. 😀

          And there’s Sophie! Ok, ok. I’m seeing a trend.

          Most people like it just fine, but those who don’t *hate* it. No one seems to have any hateful feelings against other systems. Fair enough.

          Change is imminent.

          Let the research begin.

  3. Gary – post comments are definitely a great place to find those hidden, deeper questions. Also, I look at other blogs in my industry and write a different take on what’s already been written.

    1. Also a smart idea, Razwana. Thanks for sharing that.

  4. ctemple27

    I rarely bother with Disqus, as a norm I only leave comments in WP.

    1. Thanks for that. Interesting! It seems a trend is unfolding.

      I may have to reconsider my comments.

  5. Dean Brightman

    Hey Gary, good ideas as always. I don’t have much of a community yet, but I do like the idea of scanning comments of like-minded blogs. Probably lots of good ideas to be mined.

    Re: Disqus, mark me as “take it or leave it.” I do like CommentLuv. I think Bobbi uses it, and if you enter your URL, it will search your blog and add a link to your newest post with your comment! Very convenient for other readers to check you out.

    1. Thanks Dean! Glad you liked it. And thanks for the feedback on the comment system. Change is afoot.

  6. Video is soo slow to watch (I am a fast reader) and I have not found a speed knob in YouTube, do you have a transcript of it?

  7. Hi Gary,
    I was unable to download the video, don’t know if it is my connection, but I will try it again later. To the issue of writers block or bloggers burn out, it happens from time to time, you discover at some point that you can’t just come up with fresh ideas, you’re just stuck.

    What I do in such situation is to take a break from blogging and writing. I simply do something that takes my mind away from blogging, something that can get me refreshed and reinvigorated. I could go swimming, play football or engage in any kind of sporting activity. This works for me because I come back energized and filled with awesome ideas.
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