Want to Contribute?

I currently do not accept guest posts from people who aren’t  already an active part of the Reboot Authentic community.

If you are already an active member of Reboot Authenticsend me your idea here or email it to Gary[at]RebootAuthentic.com and I’ll send you my guest post guidelines.

If you’re not, please read on…

The problem is that I already receive so many submissions that are way, Way, WAY  off the mark that I’ve decided that only people who are already an active part of this community and who understand what we’re all about will be considered. It’s not meant to be exclusive. It’s meant to save time and ensure quality.

The fact is, that most people who want to guest post haven’t been taught the right way to research or pitch a blog. If you’re sending out a pitch that doesn’t include a specific topic, at least one possible headline, and doesn’t demonstrate a thorough understanding of the blog you’re pitching – you’re not going to get anywhere.

But hey – good news. If you’re not already “one of us”, there are a couple things you can do to remedy that and get up to guest posting speed.

Thing 1:
Become an active part of this community. Get to know us. Read, share, and participate. You just might make some great contacts and learn a bunch. And it couldn’t be any easier. Just fill out your info in the friendly, unintimidating form below. Get involved, get to know us – and then send me a pitch.

Thing 2:
After doing Thing 1, Go read my 8-part series Guest Post Mastery on Become a Blogger. It will guide you step by step through the right way to submit guest posts. If you’re serious about guest posting, it’s worth your time to read.

Thing 3:
That series should provide plenty of information, but if you feel like you need some one-on-one training on how to effectively guest post – guess what? I’d be happy to help with that, too.

So if you want to guest post here – get to know us. We’d love to have you.

And if you have any questions about guest posts or guest posting, drop me a note at any time.


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