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Here is a list of guest posts I’ve written for other blogs. The most recent posts are listed first.

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Persuasive Writing: The Key to a Stellar Writing Career
(Write to Done)

The Guilt-Free Guide to Earning an Honest Buck from Your Blog
(Boost Blog Traffic)

How to Sell Your Blog Posts Without Selling Your Soul
(Be a Freelance Blogger)

How to Blast Through Barriers and Get Your Motivation Back
(Wire Yourself For Wealth)

How to Find Clarity & Confidence as a Writer
(Jeff Goins, Writer)

This is What Blocks Your Writing (And How to Bust Through)
(Write to Done)

12 Ways to Build an Active Community by Answering Comments Like a Pro

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Irresistible Subheads
(Boost Blog Traffic)

Guest Post Mastery Series on Become a Blogger
#1: The Power of Guest Posting
#2: Targeting the Right Blogs
#3: Choosing a Killer Topic
#4: How to Create a Pitch That Gets Attention
#5: Writing Copy That Blows Them Away

Why Those Borrowed Big Gun Blogging Tactics Aren’t Working For You
(Firepole Marketing)

How Playing It Safe Can Ruin Your Life

The Confident Writer Series: 1 – The Mental Games We Play
(Write To Done)

Have the New Blog Blues? 7 Business Principles That Make Blogging Easier

How Chris Farley Changed The Way I Think About Wisdom
(Goodlife Zen)

Why You Need To Blow Off Your Critics and Blaze Your Own Trail
(Pick The Brain)

Blog Traffic: Choose Quality Over Quantity
(Firepole Marketing)

How An Unknown Blogger’s First 3 Guests Posts Produced a 57% Conversion Rate

10 Character Traits of Elite Achievers
(Pick The Brain)

How To Be Creative When Your Brain Doesn’t Want To Play
(Write To Done)

Why Some Experts Make Lousy Teachers – The Cure for Expertitis
(Expert Enough)

Secrets of Big Breaks, Myths of Instant Success
(Firepole Marketing)

5 Tips For Setting Smarter Goals With The Micro Perspective
(Goodlife Zen)

Are You Targeting The Wrong Readers? 7 Tips To Fix The Problem
(Write To Done)

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