More About Gary

Things you may not have known (or want to know) about me…

  • Gary doesn’t like writing about Gary in the third person. It annoys Gary.
  • I’m a HUGE college football fan and actually played for practiced for my favorite team – The University of Nebraska. Go Huskers!
  • I’ve had a 24 year corporate career and have grand kids. Yep. I’m old enough. But I still enjoy the occasional email saying, “Oh, Gary… you don’t look old enough for Grandchildren!” (hint, hint) Whether it’s sincere or not, I don’t care. It makes me feel good.
  • Before I settled in to sales and marketing I did a lot of stuff for a living – including tending bar, selling garage doors, and working in radio (which still fascinates me to this day).
  • Although I’m a big-time rock fan, I can only write while listening to classical… which is weird because I never listen to classical at any other time. (Bring on the Chili Peppers or AC/DC!)
  • I have nearly infinite patience for sincere, ambitious people – and a pretty short fuse when it comes to dishonesty or laziness.
  • I love dogs. Love me some dogs. Tweeting a good picture of a dog is probably the easiest way to get a retweet from me.
  • I spent years wearing custom suits with french cuffs and cufflinks flying from coast to coast for work. Yes, it was kind of fancy. Hell no I don’t miss it.
  • I’m a big, burly, tough guy – who’s also pretty emotional. I’m moved easily, and I wear it on my sleeve. (Which, as you might imagine, can get messy)
  • I want to know you. Getting to know people on a personal level isn’t always possible online because of the huge numbers of people and the volume of communication – but people matter to me. So if I can help, please reach out. I can’t always help, but if I’m able I will.

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Here are some of my peeps… and a dog.