Welcome To Reboot Authentic!

The underlying message of Reboot Authentic begins with one simple belief: YOU are a business. Whether you work for someone else, run your own business, are a solo entrepreneur, or are a salesperson who earns only when you sell – YOU are a business. The way customers buy is undergoing a massive shift – as […]

A Broken Rose And A Serving Of Crow

This post is a departure from my usual. Normally, I try to teach in my posts. Usually, it’s a business lesson. Today, I’d like to share a life lesson I was taught just hours ago. I sincerely love people – although at times they are a major source of angst in my life. But at […]

Why You Need To Scrap THEIR Blueprint And Draw Up Your Own

Scrap The Blueprint. Maybe you haven’t heard it called “the blueprint” – that’s my word for it. But you know very well what I’m referring to. It’s the way they tell you to live your life. (Whoever “they” are.) Work should look like this… Education should look like this… Here are the things you should be […]

Engagement + Empathy + Credibility = Genuine Trust

In my last post, I railed on the Echo Chamber a bit for watering down the meaning of great words. Truth be told, it’s not so much the overuse of the words that bothers me – it’s the lack of substance. Who am I kidding? Both of those things tick me off. And then tonight, […]

RIP Authenticity, Passion, and Guru. (And Save Epic Sh*t!)

You may or may not already know that I can get pretty tweaky over words. I’m assuming that if you’re here and you’re reading this, you find some type of value in blogs. It may be for entertainment, personal development, business advice, or any number of other reasons – but we’re all here together, aren’t […]

2 Ways To Be A Direct Message Dingus On Twitter

Twitter is a Social Medium. The word social implies that Twitter is used to interact with other people, right? It’s also a great way to introduce those people to your brand, company, or product. If you want more followers to stick with you and engage, you’re in luck because I’m going to share with you […]

On Overcoming The Loud

We live in a world where for some reason it seems society has decided that the loudest and most obnoxious should be listened to. You know what I mean. You see two people disagreeing or arguing about something and they start to try to out-volume each other. They get louder and louder while talking over […]

Looking To Pass Blame? Check The Mirror.

I had a business encounter recently that made an impression on me. It had to do with one party in a business relationship being upset by something that was said by the other party in the relationship. When I spoke to the first party to listen to their story, guess who was to blame? I […]

Maybe You Just Need A Good Butt-Kicking

At various times throughout a person’s life, an occasion arises in which said person is due a big, ugly butt-kicking. Not a literal physical fustigation, mind you – but a comeuppance…a hard lesson…failure…a loss. Making a mistake here or there (and being forced to deal with the consequences) is good for you. Granted, not all […]