Why You Need To Scrap THEIR Blueprint And Draw Up Your Own

Scrap The Blueprint. Maybe you haven’t heard it called “the blueprint” – that’s my word for it. But you know very well what I’m referring to. It’s the way they tell you to live your life. (Whoever “they” are.) Work should look like this… Education should look like this… Here are the things you should be […]

It’s Easier To Maneuver When You Rise Above

An extra short post today to remind everyone that things move better when you are above the hustle and bustle. As I flew home last night watching the sun set out the window of the Southwest 737, it struck me how beautiful and calm everything looked up there. In fact even on the majority of […]

Karma. Often Slow – Always Reliable

Someone did something nice for me today. Someone I don’t really know very well. He had no obligation to do it, and his only reason for doing it was because he thought it was the right thing to do. The world could use more people like this guy, don’t you think? Let’s talk about the […]