Why The Attention Barrier Is Killing Your Sales – And How To Fix It

Are your sales where you want them to be? Are they slow…or even non-existent? Deep down you know that you have a quality offer that your prospects would jump all over if they just gave it a good look. But for whatever reason you can’t seem to get them to slow down long enough to […]

Business Sucks Because You’re Not Sold

The reason most people fail in selling is simply because they don’t believe in what they’re selling – or who they represent. Remember: No customer is ever sold until the salesperson is sold. This week I was talking on the phone with one of my blog readers (yes, I do that sometimes) and we were talking […]

Is It Time To Fillet The Big Fish In Your Little Pond?

Recently, a friend of mine shared a story with me about how one of the long-time salespeople in his organization was (seemingly) suddenly let go. My friend seemed shocked over the news. This person’s numbers were still among the best in the company. I had an idea what it might be…and asked him several follow-up […]

I Don’t Trust You

  Yesterday’s post was about how some social time at a convention helped me build rapport with some potential prospects. But what if you don’t have those kind of opportunities in your business? What if you’re in inside sales and speak to your prospects only over the phone? What if you run an online business […]

When To Walk Away from It All

  A lot of us are busy. 12 hour work days and 6 or 7 day work weeks aren’t really that uncommon anymore. That’s why one of my pet peeves is people who bitch excessively about being soooo busy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind someone saying, “Man! Things have been busy at the […]

The 8 Qualities of People Who Crush Their Goals

If you have ever fallen short of a goal that was important to you, I know how you feel. You feel like you made your best effort, but you still fell on your face. It’s frustrating, confusing, and a blow to your ego. I get it. The problem is that it’s very easy to get […]

This Is Not Your Grandpa’s Marketplace

  In most industries, competing businesses typically compete with each other in the same ways, according to the same rules, with nearly the same products and services – and to the same exact customers. When a marketplace becomes crowded and a company wants to stand out in order take business away from the competition, they […]

Dropping The S-Bomb

At the bottom of this post is a photo I came across in my iPad tonight. It makes me laugh every time I look at it. Tonight it got me thinking about how the general public views salespeople. I’ve always found it amusing (and a little sad) how most people react to the word “sales.” […]

Outside Your Comfort Zone – Are You All In?

Through repetition and over time I have noticed that when people are asked to take on a new task or embrace a new idea that is outside their comfort zones, they normally react in one of two ways. It’s either Bitch and moan or I’m all in. The Bitch and moan people are experts at […]