A Broken Rose And A Serving Of Crow

This post is a departure from my usual. Normally, I try to teach in my posts. Usually, it’s a business lesson. Today, I’d like to share a life lesson I was taught just hours ago. I sincerely love people – although at times they are a major source of angst in my life. But at […]

In The Deed, The Glory

As I sit in my hotel room in New Orleans, sipping complimentary merlot from what appears to be a juice glass, I am suddenly struck with a huge wave of gratitude. This week I met a ton of new people. I extensively interviewed five of them, and it took me until after dark tonight to […]

Why You Need To Scrap THEIR Blueprint And Draw Up Your Own

Scrap The Blueprint. Maybe you haven’t heard it called “the blueprint” – that’s my word for it. But you know very well what I’m referring to. It’s the way they tell you to live your life. (Whoever “they” are.) Work should look like this… Education should look like this… Here are the things you should be […]

Money And Happiness: Enemies or Companions?

There are days when recurring theme just hits you upside the head over and over. Today, everywhere I turned people and events reminded me of the concept of happiness vs. money. It began as soon as I woke up. I rolled out of bed and staggered to my hotel room door to find my complimentary […]

How To Boost Other’s Productivity In Seconds

No matter who you are, you are looked up to by at least one person. Possibly many people. It could be your child, your friend, your co-worker, or maybe even your boss. Why not make a conscious, concerted effort to make their day? Not only does it make them feel good, but it can help […]

10 Powerful Tips For Generating Great Ideas

At times, it’s hard to get the creative process started. Other times, we can get stymied by all of the information that we’ve taken in. If you have ever had trouble coming up with new ideas – or experienced creative block, these 10 Power Tips will get you on the road to generating tons of […]

It’s Time To Conquer Your Oppressor

  Hopefully all of you will be enjoying your family on Independence Day. I know I will. But before we all go off and do that, I had a thought I wanted to share. What It’s All About We celebrate this holiday to commemorate a day long ago when our forefathers officially declared our nation’s […]

5 Steps To Eating A Frog

As we progress in our professional lives and as we age (not that I’d know about that), we quickly come to realize that one of the most valuable resources in our lives is time. It’s something we need to make the most of while we still have it. When you get really busy, winging it is no longer effective. Here are some time management tips that help me make sure I’m getting all the important tasks done.

The Amazing Power Of Empathy

In sales, business, and life in general – there are many skills, traits, and qualities that you should adopt and practice if you want to be a success. Things like persistence, patience, creativity, honesty, integrity, and a thousand more that we read about in all those business and personal development books. While all of those […]

Maybe You Just Need A Good Butt-Kicking

At various times throughout a person’s life, an occasion arises in which said person is due a big, ugly butt-kicking. Not a literal physical fustigation, mind you – but a comeuppance…a hard lesson…failure…a loss. Making a mistake here or there (and being forced to deal with the consequences) is good for you. Granted, not all […]