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12 5 Transparent Integrity Strategies For Your Blog That Your Readers Will Love


I just finished unsubscribing from a bunch of email lists this morning. Some of them were lists of people who are pretty highly regarded online. You’d know the names if I typed them.

Why did I do that? Honestly, I’m just tired of the constant, hokey, salesy, automated messages. “Gary – Join me for my new ‘how to get everything you ever wanted out of life’ FREE webinar.” Yeah. No thanks.

The automation and insincerity can get a bit much for me. I don’t intentionally block off time to go online and use machines to talk to machines. I like to go online and use machines to connect with real people. I suppose it’s a matter of perspective.

I’m going to share with you five big-time Transparent Integrity Strategies that your readers will love. I have used them successfully, and the blogs that I follow blindly use most of them as well. Try them out. You’ll notice a difference…and I guarantee your readers will notice.
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