Why A Blog Needs To Be In Your Marketing Plan – 10 Reasons To Get On It Now

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No matter what you do for a living, you need to understand why a blog should be higher than you might think on your priority list.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a solopreneur, a salesperson, or an online marketer – promoting yourself and your business online can be both challenging and expensive.

And there are no shortages of experts or gurus who are all too willing to sell you plans, systems, services, and software suites to solve all your problems.

You know you have value to offer, and you want to let the world know how you can help them. But it can be so overwhelming to sift through the multitude of offers and recommendations that seem to rain from the sky. Which are legitimate? And of those that are legitimate – which are worth your time and money to pursue?

The good news is that promoting yourself online doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. That’s why a blog is such an important component of your marketing plan.

If you’re a regular reader here at Reboot Authentic, you already know that I firmly believe that nearly every business should be exploiting the power of content marketing. And by “content marketing” I mean blogging.

But Why A Blog?

When I start talking about content marketing, someone inevitably asks, “Aren’t blogs those web sites that kids use to rate video games or talk about music?” Well, yes – but there is so much more to them than that. Thinking that way is like saying a car is something you buy to listen to the radio in.

A blog can be a powerful business tool.

The real power of a blog is that it’s a living, breathing community. Its whole purpose for existing is to share information, promote engagement with other people, and stimulate conversation in a constantly changing environment. A blog is an online resource full of information about your business that is available to everyone in the world with an internet connection. It’s a consultant that never sleeps and doesn’t know the meaning of “closing time.”

Someone Out There Needs Your Help

Consider that whatever your business is – someone out there has questions about what you do.

The reason why a blog is so valuable to your marketing efforts is that it allows you to regularly push relevant information about your business and your field of expertise out to the world. Search engines index that information so that eventually those who are actively seeking information about your type of business and are in need of your services will find you.

When those people visit your blog, of course they will find volumes of valuable, useful information about your topic. They ask you questions in your blog’s comment section –and you respond by personally interacting with them.

Those new highly engaged readers share your information with others who they know to be interested in your topic. As you continue to put out frequent quality content about your topic, your community grows and you become known as an authority in your field.

That’s over-simplification of course, but over time that’s exactly what you can create with some focused effort. Are  you beginning to see why a blog could be a powerful marketing tool for your business?

But to start exploiting the power of content marketing – you have to start. And that’s the part that trips most people up. You have to get out of the blocks and do something. Now would be a good time.

If you haven’t yet, it’s time you start thinking very seriously about taking advantage of the power of content marketing.

No Excuses!

For some reason, excuses and obstacles are easy for us to see. We tend to focus on them rather than on solutions. Fortunately, the barriers to entry in blogging are relatively low. Here are 10 (of many) reasons why a blog should be a part of your marketing plan.

1. Blogs drive purchasing decisions.
Blogs are a personal, interactive tool for engagement. Blogs create a strong sense of community. When someone feels like an integral part of a blog community, up to 61% trust that community enough to make purchases based on recommendations from that blog.

2. More people are online today than ever before.
Even when we do purchase products or services locally, most of us first look to the internet to do research, read reviews, and check prices. It is part of daily life on a global scale. You need to be online.

3. Blogs build real, authentic relationships.
Blogs are communities that foster real relationships. Think of your favorite service providers: Doctors, dentists, car repair, coffee shops, and restaurants. Your favorite ones are the ones that you feel most connected to. They know your name – or at least recognize you. They may ask about your family or your job when they see you. They make you feel personally engaged and appreciated. That is what a blog allows you to create with your readers. And you have millions of potential readers online.

4. A blog establishes your credibility within your industry.
Having a blog not only allows potential customers to learn that you exist in the first place, it will also help you stand out as an expert in your field. A blog shows the world that you are someone who helps people with your expertise, that you know what you’re talking about, and that you are dedicated to your industry.

5. Distance and traditional market boundaries don’t exist.
Blogs and social media work like a time machine for business. If you want to approach a potential customer on the other side of the globe, you can do it within seconds without traveling or setting up a face-to-face meeting. All of the traditional barriers of approaching prospects become much smaller – or disappear all together.

6. Blogs give you more ways to build your networks.
Traditional businesses build their local, regional, and national networks with shoe leather and elbow grease. It’s a time consuming and expensive process. This is why a blog is so valuable – it allows you to quickly and efficiently build a network o multiple platforms quickly and cheaply.

7. Branding yourself online says to the world, “I am not a dinosaur!”
How many people do you still see walking around with those old cell phones with antennae sticking out of the top? Or carrying Palm Pilots? You don’t want to be that person. Branding yourself online tells the world that you’re paying attention to the most current ways of doing business and that you are making use of every tool at your disposal to do what you do as effectively as you possibly can.

8. Having a blog sets you apart from the herd and establishes authority.
It allows you to be the innovator, the engager, and establishes authority for both you and your business. While your competition may not be taking on such progressive projects, you will be.

9. Having a blog is MUCH less expensive than other forms of marketing and advertising.
Would just a few hundred dollars of radio, television, print, or signage put you in front of hundreds of millions of potential customers? Blogging can do that for you for very little money – while those traditional methods of advertising cost thousands upon thousands of dollars.

10. You do NOT have to be a computer whiz to run your own blog. It is MUCH easier than you think.
Many businesses pay web development companies thousands of dollars to develop and maintain their web sites. Thanks to Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, you can start and maintain a blog very easily with no coding or programming knowledge.

The way your potential customers shop to fulfill their wants and needs has changed. Having a footprint online has never been as simple, cheap, and effective as it is right at this moment.


A lot of the excuses I hear regarding why people haven’t taken action on content marketing have to do with cost – or lack of technical expertise. So let me knock some of those objections down for you.

Right here on this web site, you have access to cheap and reliable information about hosting, professional blog templates and themes, Content Management Systems, Blogger Training, Email marketing, and much more. All of it is relatively inexpensive – and easy. In fact, I have a whole Resources Page that tells you everything you know to get started,

So the obvious question is…

Why aren’t you taking advantage of this?

This post features some content that originally appeared in my Free eBook, How To Alienate All The Right People. To download a free copy, enter your name in the subscription form below. Current subscribers wanting to download a copy should contact me here.

Let the discussion begin…
Do you use blogging or content marketing to promote yourself? Why or Why not?
Share your thoughts and stories in the comments section.



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12 Replies

  1. Wendy Krueger

    Like the new design. It looks great!

    1. Why, thank you Ms. Wendy! All wide open and clean, isn’t it? 🙂

  2. Your arguments make perfect sense, Gary.

    Blogging certainly isn’t just for angry or precocious teenagers anymore, is it? Content that changes and engages makes far more sense than the old dreary static standards established for print media.

    You’re right about the excuses, too. Even “I don’t want to!” isn’t really good enough. In that case, hire someone to get the ball rolling for you — just as you would for any business marketing plan that’s beyond your expertise.

    1. Great point, Jim. Dang. I wish i’d have though of that one – I’d have included it. Thanks for chiming in!

  3. As a blogger, obviously I agree. But I’d have to say that I only half agree. Ramit Sethi (i will teach you to be rich) makes the great point that blogs take a lot of work. Sure, you can create one and throw up a few posts. But getting the quantity and quality that drives actual traffic and engagement can takes months or even years of hard work.

    1. Thanks Amit. I’m not sure which half you disagree with, because It sounds to me like we agree across the board.

      I’d not only agree with you that this process takes time, but I’d go further and say that EVERYTHING in business takes months or years of hard work. In fact, everything worthwhile in life does.

      What I’m talking about here is a long term strategy to establish a business as a go-to authority online. And, as you pointed out, of course that doesn’t happen overnight.

      But… getting started is so easy these days. The barrier to entry is so low in terms of difficulty and expense. My point with this post is that there is no valid excuse not to start (As Jim and I discuss below) – and that with some focused effort – a blog can be a significant, powerful marketing tool.

      1. The half that I meant is the strong endorsement that a blog needs to be part of a business owner’s marketing plan. I think a strong qualifier is necessary – enter only if willing to commit. Because if you don’t commit… it really is a waste of time. For example, my uncle owns a wine store. Knowing his personality, if he started a blog he’d get bored and annoyed by the lack of immediate results and quit after a few weeks (maybe a few months). So to him, and folks like him, I wouldn’t recommend blogging.

        When you consider the distribution of traffic, most blogs get very very little traffic; a few get enough to be worthwhile from a marketing perspective, and an even smaller few get enough to be considered a go-to authority online. Personally I don’t know anything about how much traffic a business needs to make their time worthwhile, but I can’t imagine it being worth it for most folks. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think blogging is over-hyped.

        1. I still think you and I are *mostly* on the same page, Amit. And if we’re not – That’s fine, too.

          A couple things.

          1) I don’t believe I know ANYONE who puts more time or effort into their content as you do. Your posts are thorough and AMAZING. So I have to believe you have some faith in the eventual payoff for all of your efforts at happierhuman.com – which are substantial.

          2) The commitment thing… AMEN! I agree. If X= blogging, business, marriage, fitness, financial responsibility, or anything else that is important to you, I absolutely agree that if you are not committed to X and willing to put effort into X, then it is not going to pay off in a significant way.

          (So your comment about your uncle and his wine store… I’m with you there. I’d give him the same advice as you would.If you’re not going to finish – don’t start)

          I still think we’re saying the same thing in different ways.

          Thanks Amit. Your posts and your comments are always intelligent and thought provoking.

  4. Lee Tyler

    I have met more authors, those that you might have heard of, through my website. The comments aren’t as important as your presence and the ever important ‘About’ page, your content, and your Contact form; the latter being the most important. Those that want to reach me find me on G+ or Twitter and we then correspond through more natural means than commenting.
    Every business is getting those that are good writers to write content for their blog on their website. It is an important part of business. And if they don’t have the extra man hours for it, they hire freelancers. I know this for a fact. I think this whole article should be sent out as required reading and thus am sharing. Great work.

    1. Thanks very much, Lee!

      I appreciate the compliments, the insights, and the shares!

  5. Really good, comprehensive post, Gary. I agree with Amit that blogging isn’t for ALL businesses, but I’d say the majority of businesses can really benefit from having a blog.

    1. Thank you Bobbi.

      I think Amit really hit on an important point: COMMITMENT.

      Without it, no business or marketing strategy will pay off. Glad you enjoyed it!

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