You Already Know Enough To Succeed


Do me a

Read this post quickly – then go do something enthusiastically.

Take action.


There is a world of difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it.
-Bill Phillips.

Those words from Bill Phillips both motivate and haunt me. What do they do for you?

Do they remind you of a time when you chose to be a person of action, took on a big challenge, and kicked its ass?

Or does it remind you of all those plans you could have, should have, would have executed if only…
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How to Overcome Adversity and Steal Its Power


Does it ever seem like you have more adversity in your life than other people do? As if everyone around you is having an easier time of things than you are? You begin to feel sorry for yourself and think, “Why does this stuff always happen to … [Continue reading]

How I Saved My Sanity and Boosted My Online Business by Doing Less (and How You Can Too)


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How to Build Credibility by Using an Email Interview


As an entrepreneur, you’re always on the lookout for creative ways to build credibility for your business in order to make it more visible and more successful. If you’re doing it right, the content you publish on your website promotes engagement … [Continue reading]

How to Make Your Call to Action 55% More Effective


As a business person who makes a living marketing and selling your products and services, you wind up making a lot of requests of others, don’t you? Read this... Click here... Share this... Buy this... Sometimes they cheerfully do what you ask, … [Continue reading]

Is Your Site Leaking Traffic? Here’s How to Fix It


  Your blog is leaking visitors. And if you've read my last post, you know exactly what I’m talking about. They visit, look around for a few seconds – and leave as suddenly as they came. Most estimates say that the average web site … [Continue reading]

One Simple Thing You Can Do to Monetize Your Blog Today


The tears welled up in her eyes. Sharon, a woman I’ve always known to be steady as rock, was falling apart right in front of me. “What am I going to do, Gary?” She asked. My friend looked lost. Broken. Pitiful. “What about the bills? The house, … [Continue reading]

Is Disqus Killing Your Blog? Why (and How) I Pulled the Plug


I recently made the decision to remove the Disqus comment system from my blog. And it wasn’t a knee-jerk reaction. I did quite a bit of research first and got a lot of feedback (both solicited and unsolicited) from others. In this post, I’m … [Continue reading]

What to Do When Success Bites You in the Ass


Your relentless pursuit of success is a lot like trying to hunt a wild animal. To pull it off, you have to know when to be aggressive – and when to be stealthy. Your prey, success, is smart and elusive. It’s skilled in dodging people like you … [Continue reading]

A Letter to Long-Winded Keyboard Jockeys (From Everyone)


Dear content creator: I’m writing to you today because of a disturbing trend I’ve noticed lately. The online world seems to have recently become more long-winded. Long-winded can come in handy from time to time when, say, establishing the … [Continue reading]

The Easiest Way to Create an Endless Stream of Blog Post Topics

Blog Post Topics

There comes a time in every content creator's life when the idea well runs dry. Or at least we think the well has run dry. The pressure of coming up with great blog post topics can jam us up mentally over time. And when we get stuck, we tend to … [Continue reading]

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