Action, Like Scissors, Beats Paper


When was the last time someone asked you what your GPA was? It’s probably been a while.  That doesn’t really even matter much anymore, does it?

Likewise, unless you’re a lawyer, physician, or some other occupation that requires official certification – your education doesn’t matter like it used to either.

These days, people are much more interested in your answer to one very important question than they are interested in what a piece of paper says about you. And you better have a great answer to that question ready.


What Have You DONE?

What people REALLY want to know is what you have done that has produced results.

I hire people. And one of my pet peeves about resumes is that most people only list their responsibilities on them. I don’t want to read about what your responsibilities were. That’s not something I want to discuss in an interview. I can get that from a job description.

I want to know what you did, what your results were, and how you blew the doors off.

What do you think your clients and prospects want to hear about?

What kind of work you do – or what kind of results you get?


ACTION and RESULTS Matter.  

Have you ever met a MBA who you wouldn’t give 2 cents for? Sure you have. I’ve worked with several myself.

Conversely, have you ever met a brilliant drop-out who hustles, thinks on their feet, and attacks every opportunity they’re given with gusto and gratitude?

Guess which one I want to hang with?

Guess which one I’d rather hire?

Guess which one clients would rather pay the big bucks?


Nice Rant. But…So What?

Fair enough. That may have rambled a bit. Here’s the point.

I may not know you…but I know you.

I know you have those times of doubt and despair when you think that everyone around you has more on the ball than you do. Maybe they have more resources, more education, or a longer resume.

I’m here to tell you that none of that matters in the end.

I’m all about being up-front and honest here, so I’ll concede that sometimes those things can be a hindrance or a disadvantage…but they are not deal-killers by any means.

Get something done, and get it done spectacularly.

Start it now.

Leave tomorrow, next week, and next year for the lazy.

Tweet This!


Take a risk. And if you fail, take extreme pleasure in the fact that at least YOU put yourself out there and tried.

Just making an enthusiastic effort puts you head and shoulders above the crowd. Do it repeatedly.

Study, practice, get advice…

…and try, try, try.

Stop feeling like you’re at a disadvantage. You are not.

Au contraire. You were out on the web looking for content like this. You, my friend, are trying as we speak. Or read. Or write. You know what I mean.

Good for you.

Go get ‘em.

About Gary Korisko

Gary is a battle-tested sales and marketing pro, copywriter, coach, and business strategist who teaches how to create worthwhile work on Reboot Authentic. Connect with Gary on Google+ and Twitter.

8 Replies

  1. Where’d you get that sweet Tweet It! button?  I’m doing a ghetto text one. 

    1. Ha…

      Glad you like it, Mike. It’s home made.

      1. I’m inspired.  Prepare to be one-upped with my mad Pixelmator skills!  

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Gary. I’ve been considering a drastic re-design of my blog, which would incorporate more of me and quite a bit of whimsy…but it’d also be a huge risk. Of COURSE my inner critic is chiming in with a “seriously? that’s soooo dumb!” but y’know what? You’re right. Why not take a risk? I’ll never know unless I try…

    1. Are you kidding? Go check my reply to your last comment.

      Seriously…when you write off the top of your head here or in your emails, it’s very energetic, friendly, and fun. I don’t see how more of that can be a bad thing, do you?

      Test it on one post. I’ll bet your readers will be all thumbs-up in your comments.

      Go for it. You have a great, fun personality.

      1. You can’t imagine how much I’m smiling over here. Your encouragement is killin’ me! (In a good way).
        I guess it’s not a bad thing. But y’know when people see the word “Zen” they think peaceful and relaxed…not always my writing style. But maybe it’s time for those ideas to be flipped upside down…Something I’ve been pondering in my re-design. =)
        Thanks again for being in my corner, Gary. You’re awesome.

        1. Absolutely, Kaylee.

          And I’ll add this observation: I’m guessing you’ve seen Leo Babuta from Zen Habits on video, right? He’s an upbeat, funny guy. Seems to work for him.

          1. …I haven’t! Guess what I’m about to do?

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