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SelzYou don’t have time to waste when you’re running an online business.You need certain things to make your business run: specific plugins, software, or payment gateways – but many of them are so complex (and so hard to get support from) that it’s almost not worth the effort to use them.You know exactly what I’m talking about. Fill in this blank for me…“I hate dealing with __________. If there were a better option, I’d use it.”When you’re a one person show, you can’t afford to spend your time on complex technology setups or waiting for so-called support specialists to get back to you  – and you sure as heck can’t afford to be paying high prices or expensive recurring fees for it.What you really need is for your technology to be fast, easy, and inexpensive.

Why the Solution Can Sometimes Be More Trouble Than the Problem

For an online business, one of the most important questions that has to be answered is, “How do I sell my work quickly and easily?”Most online businesses sell digital products: eBooks, music, software, art, or a variety of other downloadable items.But before you can sell those items, you need a payment gateway and a delivery system. That’s where things tend to get technically complex – and sometimes expensive.You don’t have time to become an expert at all that technical stuff – or to wait around for the famously slow support those types of services provide.I’m no different than you. As we speak, I’m waiting for an unnamed company (unnamed because I’m feeling nice today) to answer a pressing technical question I posed in their support forum several days ago.You and I ought to be spending our time and effort on things that grow our business. Configuring technology and waiting for a “support specialist” to cut and paste an answer into an email doesn’t grow anything.I want it to be easier – and I know you do, too.So I tend to sit up and take notice any time I find a company or service that…

  • is easy and reliable to use.
  • understands small business.
  • genuinely cares about people.
  • has real, accessible humans behind the machine.

Recently, I actually found such a company. I’ve corresponded with them, I’ve done research on them, and now I’m actively using them.I’ve been known to use the phrase, “Fast and easy may make for a fun Saturday night, but they have very little to do with business.”I stand corrected. Let’s talk about fast and easy…

Sell Your Stuff Without Wasting Your Time or Money

I’ve made the switch to for payment processing and delivery of digital products. Previously, I used different services in different situations, and have experienced varying levels of satisfaction and support.Although I’ve only been with Selz for a short time, I already feel closer to them and more confident in them than most other vendors I’ve worked with. That’s primarily because of four factors.

1: Speed.2: Ease of use.3: Outstanding Service.4: Versatility

1: SpeedI have found every step of the sales process to be incredibly quick with Selz. From creating an account to uploading products, to integration – even the actual purchase.

The Speed of Signing UpSign_Up_01Signing up with Selz only takes a minute or two. If you choose to create your account using Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, it’s even faster. I used Twitter and had access within about 10 seconds.

The Speed of Uploading Your ProductsAfter setting up my account details and payment preferences, I decided to try uploading my first product. Without reading a FAQ or any instructions, I had a product uploaded and ready to sell literally in a minute or two.

The Speed of IntegrationSelz provides you with four options when it comes to selling your digital product. If you’d like to advertise it through social media, you can choose to post your sales message and link to your social networks with two clicks.

If you prefer to sell your product on your site through a link, a decorative button, or a widget, Selz provides you with a small snippet of code to paste into your site. It takes no time at all, they’re all really nice looking, and all of the work is done for you short of pasting a few lines of code.

One of the things that I love about Selz is that it allows you to sell your product directly from your site – so your customers never have to leave your content to make a purchase.There’s no shopping cart, no redirects, and no “click here to go back to the blog” links that distract your visitors from what they were doing before making the purchase.

2: Ease of UseIf to this point you think I’m over-simplifying… I’m not. There really is nothing to using Selz. It’s brilliantly intuitive.

You don’t need an instruction manual – and you don’t need to read the FAQ to post a product. You’ll know exactly what to do just by following the screen prompts.

There is no configuration or integration of any kind required to use Selz. Your technical expertise need not be any greater that pasting a few lines of provided code into the text tab of your WordPress post or page.

I’ll share a video of the whole process in just a bit that I promise will WOW you.

3: Outstanding ServiceWe’ve all been on the wrong end of an awful customer service experience. You know – the rude “support” reps whose last names are just initials, take days to respond, Contact usand who couldn’t care less if you have a problem or not.

Selz provides the kind of service and support you would want your own company to provide. It’s fast, it’s helpful, and it’s polite. It’s more than polite, actually – it’s friendly. The few questions I’ve had have been answered by a real person who is responsive and friendly.

At the bottom of each screen on the Selz website, you’ll see a tab that says, “Contact us.” I’ve only used it once, but shortly after I sent my question, a thorough answer arrived in my inbox.

4: VersitilityWith a little creativity, you can also sell services (like coaching or consultations) through Selz. They’re set up to deliver digital products, so if you want to use them to sell a service, you just create a PDF voucher stamped with the buyer’s name and upload it as a digital product.

The buyer makes the purchase of your services, downloads the personalized PDF (Selz has a built in personalized stamping feature), and then sends the voucher to you via email when they’re ready to use your services.

You can see the coaching service I’ve posted using Selz buttons here.

Although I’ve not used the feature yet, Selz also offers you the ability to easily sell and ship physical products as well.

Seeing is Believing

So by now you know my opinion: You should try Selz. But before you do, I want you to see with you own eyes how easy and fast this really is.Here is a video I made that shows me uploading an ebook to Selz, pasting the code to my site – then buying and downloading it. The whole process literally took just a few minutes.

It doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?

Who Are These People Anyway?

Selz is a friend of the little guy. They’re providing a fast, easy solution to online business people who don’t have big budgets or a lot of time to devote to putting complex technologies in place to sell their work.The people behind Selz are regular, hard working people like you who decided to create an e-commerce framework that they would like to use themselves. You’ll find that they’re genuinely interested in their customers, check in with them often, and celebrate their successes.Hopefully you’re starting to see why I’ve become such a big fan of this company. In addition to providing an excellent service, they are a stellar example of everything I preach here at Reboot Authentic:

  • Do something different.
  • Do the basics well.
  • Make personal connections.
  • Do what’s right.
  • Provide great value.
  • Give outstanding service.

But warm fuzzies aside, I know you have some more pragmatic questions about this service.

The Nitty Gritty on Selz

You can find more detail on all the services Selz provides on their FAQ, but here are the high-level details.

  • Selz is free to join.
  • Fees are easy to understand and low. 5% of the transaction amount plus 25c. that’s it. You keep 95%. Compare that to 30% and higher fees of some other services.
  • Selz is secure: It’s encrypted, SSL secure, and PCI compliant.
  • Buyers can pay using any Mastercard or Visa, but they’re working on accepting other types of payments, too.
  • Sellers are paid every two weeks.
  • In the U.S., your payments are sent to your PayPal account. Selz plans on being able to provide direct deposits to U.S. bank accounts in the near future, too. Residents of Australia can use direct deposit now.
  • Selz does not yet offer an affiliate program, but I’m told one is in the works.

So there you have it.

A fast, easy, and inexpensive e-commerce framework. Who’d have thought?tweet this


Why Selz is a No-Brainer For Content Marketers

The marketer in me has to beat you over the head with this one very important point one last time.Think of how much time and effort you devote to getting people to visit your web site. When you do get someone to visit, you want to keep them with you and engage them as much as possible, right?One of the biggest advantages of using a service like Selz, in my opinion, is that your customer never has to leave your site to make a purchase. Since everything is done with overlays, your customer can look at your product, buy it, and download it – all without ever leaving the page they were reading.That’s powerful. Compare that to the confusion of being bounced around from page to page with a typical e-commerce service or PayPal. Selz is seamless, it’s easy, and it keeps your people where they belong – on your site.

Take a Test Drive For Free

Selz is free to try and you only pay if you’re making sales. They also allow you to price items at $0, so you can use it for your free downloads as well as your paid products. Give it a try and see how easy it really is.Like many people, I hesitated about selling products from my blog for a while. Part of the reason was, frankly, that setting up a payment and delivery system was intimidating and complex. As you saw in the video, Selz is neither.Try Selz as a buyer right now by clicking the download button below and downloading a PDF of this post for free. Then sign up free and give Selz a test drive as a seller. I’d love to hear what you think.Your free PDF of this post awaits…