The Benefits of Pig-Headed Determinism and Being Able to Take a Punch


From the heart of one bloody-nosed warrior to another…

Don’t you ever, EVER...

...fully accept defeat.

Maybe you don’t think of yourself as someone who possesses pig-headed determinism, but you do possess it.

Maybe you’ve been beat down, overlooked, and had more challenges in your life than the next guy or gal. I get it. It’s exhausting.

And yet here you are.

You’ve taken your punches, and yet you’re still hunting for something you haven’t caught yet. You’re still trying.

No matter how broken down, shat upon, or inadequate you feel (or have felt)... here you are.

Why is that?

Seriously. Ask yourself that question and come up with a real answer.

Why haven’t you just folded up the tent and quit trying even in your darkest moments when you would have LOVED to quit?

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7 How to Beat Down 90% of the Competition Without Breaking a Sweat

There’s one thing that separates long-term successful people from those who are not successful… or are temporarily successful but doomed to fizzle out.

And rather than playing the old, “read on to find out what it is” game with you, I’ll just tell you what it is.

It’s the back end.

Ok, so that’s kind of a dirty trick. I said I wouldn’t do the “read on” thing, but as it turns out you’re going to have to read on to fully understand what the back end is. In all fairness, I did spill the beans as promised.

I spilled those beans despite the fact that I hate that saying.

“Spill the beans.” It sounds like the result of some sort of intestinal problem or a particularly gnarly experience on a carnival ride. But what do you say we do our best to shake that mental image and move on?

What exactly is the back end and why is it so crucial to your success in life and business?

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19 Why Comparison is the Death of Great Work

great work

One of the primary ways you most people judge the quality of their work is to compare themselves to others who do similar work.

You measure yourself against how many clients they have, how long it took them to become successful, their number of followers, their income.

Comparing yourself to someone who’s more successful in your field than you are is a pretty natural thing to do.

But it can also be a fatal mistake.

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16 10 Ways to Make Your Online Writing Worth Following

online writing

Have you ever noticed how certain writers online have such a distinct style that even if you didn’t see a byline, you could tell who wrote it after reading just a line or two?

They’ve developed their own unique way of writing that not only stands out, but connects with readers so strongly that it makes them want more.

It’s unique, useful content worth following.​

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23 Best Web Hosting? Why I Left Bluehost for SiteGround

best web hosting

After over 3 years as a loyal Bluehost customer, I’m done.

Like your favorite “done” cliche kind of done. The fork has been stuck and towels are being thrown all over the place kind of done.

Up until the last several months, I’ve been a happy & loyal Bluehost customer. In the past, I found them to be helpful, receptive, and available the vast majority of the time. I was one of those people who went out of their way to brag about Bluehost to anyone who’d listen.

Not anymore.

So what happened to make a former Bluehost Bandwagoner jump ship and then write a post about it?

I’m so glad you asked.
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11 How to Genuinely Connect With Your Audience Every Time

connect with your audience

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and then afterward thought… “What the hell was the point of that?”

A sad question for a full grown human to have to ask themselves seriously.

But it happens all the time.

Just the other day, someone called me. I won’t say who it was… because I like them and unless I get more calls like this from them, I want them to continue to like me, too.
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13 How to Keep a Positive Attitude When the Energy Vampires Attack


positive attitude

You’re the kind of person who grabs life by the lapels, puts yourself out there, and creates significant things out of thin air.

Assuming, of course, that life has lapels. But I think you get the point.

When you’re an instigator and creator of great things, it’s hard enough to keep yourself fired up and motivated to release your awesomeness into the world. And just when you feel like you have the world by the tail and things seem to be going your way…

Some energy vampire comes along and sucks all the life out of you with their negativity. They put doubt in your head, snuff out your burning desires, and trample your enthusiasm.

Even though you know you shouldn’t let them get to you, they do. All the doubt that you bravely shook off when you started down your path comes creeping back into your head.

It’s a horrible feeling – and it can take the wind out of your sails quickly.
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4 Being the Best Version of Yourself

best version of yourself

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.
-Judy Garland

Have you ever lost touch with your true self? Or at least a part of yourself?

We all do from time to time.

This quote is a great reminder that you’re a unique creation.
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25 Get Your Blog Noticed With These 5 Powerful Principles


Do you ever feel frustrated or overwhelmed with all the things you’re supposed to do to get your blog noticed?

It’s like the more you read, the more things you uncover that you’re supposed to be mastering and executing at the same time to get your blog noticed.

If you tried to execute everything the experts say you need to be doing, you’d never sleep. And I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure that’s not good for you.
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10 4 Simple Steps to Overcome Failure and Find Success

At different times throughout our lives, we all fail at something that’s important to us.

Whether it’s a project or a relationship or anything else. And failure is something we as human beings don’t deal with particularly well.

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