40 Want to Sell More From Your Blog In the Next 5 Minutes? Here’s How.


You don’t have time to waste when you’re running an online business.

You need certain things to make your business run: specific plugins, software, or payment gateways – but many of them are so complex (and so hard to get support from) that it’s almost not worth the effort to use them.

You know exactly what I’m talking about. Fill in this blank for me…

“I hate dealing with __________. If there were a better option, I’d use it.”

When you’re a one person show, you can’t afford to spend your time on complex technology setups or waiting for so-called support specialists to get back to you  – and you sure as heck can’t afford to be paying high prices or expensive recurring fees for it.

What you really need is for your technology to be fast, easy, and inexpensive.
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21 The Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself: Why Are You Here?

Why are you here?finding-your-why

I’m not asking why you exist. I mean why are you here online?

You spend hours upon hours online reading, writing, researching, archiving, creating, and connecting.

At times you feel like there’s so much information pulling you in so many different directions that you don’t know which way is up. You’re not sure if you’re doing what you should be doing – or if what you’re doing is really getting you anywhere.

It can be confusing, frustrating, and soul-crushingly discouraging.

So why do you subject yourself to the frustration?

What’s your end game?

Why are you here?

What is your why?
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18 The Albert Einstein Guide to Influence

einstein influence
Have you ever noticed that ridiculously successful people tend to have similar ideas and attitudes about things?

Even in the most unrelated of industries, the core beliefs of the super successful seem to find common ground.

I’ve always been intrigued by the life of Albert Einstein. I’m no scientist by any stretch, and most of his work is so far over my head, I can’t even see it… but I’ve always been fascinated by the man.

You’re here because you want to learn the art of genuine influence and make something special happen. You and I have that in common – the desire to do something significant.

So why not learn how to do that together today from someone truly significant?

Here’s a collection of Einstein quotes – and a suggested translation from me of how you can use his bits of wisdom to further your own pursuit of awesomeness and expand your influence.
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24 The Simplest Sales Tactic You’re Probably Overlooking


Do you know someone who’s a ridiculously effective salesperson?

You know who I’m talking about – the one who always seems to have a constant flow of new sales.

It kind of irks you, doesn’t it? It’s alright. Admit it.

Not that you begrudge anyone’s good fortune, but you feel like you’re doing all the right things just like they are – but without the successful ending.
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20 One Simple Secret of the Insanely Successful


Are you ready for your secret to success? The obligatory internet simple tip?

There’s no making you wait for this one. No magic copywriting formula to tempt you along deeper and deeper into the copy today.

No, this one is pretty simple.

If you really want significant things to happen in your life, it’s pretty cut and dried.

It’s not just about you.

That’s it. Tah-dah. Secret blown.
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43 How Jeff Goins Took Me Down a Peg – And How It Can Benefit Your Blog

finding your voice

Have you found your voice yet?

If you’ve spent any amount of time online, you’ve no doubt seen the 18-bajillion posts and podcasts telling you that you need to find it.

There’s so much finding your voice noise out there that it gets confusing and you start to believe that, next to oxygen, finding the right voice is the singular most vital key to your existence.

If you let it all get to you it can become a point of stress and distraction. You start thinking…

  • Am I writing in the right voice?
  • What should my voice be?
  • Which other successful blogger should I model my voice after?

Maybe the quest for your voice has kept you from moving forward. I mean, after all, based on all the content available online, why would you pursue A, B, or C project before you find your voice?

But understanding what your writing voice really is and learning how to develop it doesn’t have to be frustrating or stressful.


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28 Your Client Wants Your Solutions Like They Want A Hole In The Head


I have news for you.

You have a snowball’s chance in Phoenix of getting your clients to listen to your solutions if you’re making one simple but incredibly common mistake.

Don’t get me wrong – they have problems and they desperately want solutions to those problems.

But they’re not going to listen to you unless you frame your solutions properly.

And guess what? You’re probably not doing that.
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62 How The Law of Reciprocity Can Make or Break Your Business


Have you ever noticed that you feel compelled to do something for people who have helped you along the way – even if they haven’t asked you to?

There’s something very powerful at play that causes this phenomenon.

Social psychologists call it The Law of Reciprocity – and it basically says that when someone does something nice for you, you will have a deep-rooted psychological urge to do something nice in return.

As a matter of fact, you may even reciprocate with a gesture far more generous than their original good deed. You can try and resist this law, but as a human, you will more than likely still feel that you need to respond in kind to a good deed.

If that’s true (and it is) then it would be to your advantage to understand the right way – and the wrong way to take advantage of this powerful law.
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19 Your Innate Power of Influence – What’s Your Magic Wand?

Within you, you have a massive amount of influence.


Realize that this is coming from a guy who will call B.S. on anything that doesn’t ring 100% true.

I’d rather take a Mike Tyson uppercut to the face than be one of those jackasses who tells you whatever you want to hear just to garner favor. I mean it. I’d eat through a straw for a month before I did that to someone.

That being said, you’re probably short-changing yourself in life. God knows I have at times.

You may not know it yet, but there’s something about you and your life experiences that is completely unique. No one in the history of our species has walked in your shoes.

So let me ask you a tough question.

What exactly are you doing with your uniqueness?

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29 The Law of Large Numbers – And Why You May Not Hear From Me Again

Law of Large Numbers

Hey, it’s been fun everyone, but you may not be hearing from me again.

I’ll miss all of this, but fortune has smiled upon me and it appears that I will soon be the recipient of about $14.6 million dollars! I know! I was blown away, too.

You see, I was approached recently by two different individuals – both desperately needing help with transferring some funds from overseas.

But instead of me telling you about it, let me show you.
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18 The Sales Simplicity Series: Why They Buy

(and a prize for 3 lucky readers)buying_motives

This is the last of three posts in the Sales Simplicity Series which teaches simple sales strategy for business.

In the previous two posts in this series, we learned about how to sell benefits instead of features – and then we discussed who you should be selling to.

Today we’re going to cover what might be the most important topic of all: Why people buy.


Simple But Powerful

This series was written to familiarize you with a few basic but powerful sales concepts. That being said, if you take nothing else away from this series, let it be this phrase:

People buy for their reasons – not ours.

It’s a widely used phrase about buying motives, and I wish I knew who I could attribute it to – because it’s brilliant.

It’s brilliant because it’s simple and true.
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