Reboot Authentic’s Free Airfare Giveaway Is Live!


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It’s Boarding Time!


This is exciting stuff, people.

The Reboot Authentic Free Airfare Giveaway is now officially live until 11pm CST Friday February 15, 2013.

If you have not read the rules, READ THEM NOW. By entering, you are agreeing to them!

Whether you own your own business, or you’re someone else’s employee, or you’re a solopreneur – this is your chance to state your case and tell the judges how this trip will help push you to the next level.

The purpose of this giveaway is to help someone get something positive done for their business. We are not giving away a personal trip. It must be business related. Not sure what that means? Watch this video!

You can share as much or as little information as you’d like, but make sure your entry includes at least the following:

  • Who are you? Tell the judges a little about you. 
  • What is your business?
  • If you are selected as the recipient of this trip, where would you go?
  • WHEN would you go on your trip? (important!)
  • Which city would you leave from, and where would to fly to? (Check available cities!)
  • What business related activity will you be taking part in when you’re there?
  • Why do you think this trip will be a game changer for you?

…and anything else that you think is important for the judges to know.


Speaking Of Judges…

Here are the people you’ll need to win over.

 Jim Bessey
free airfare giveaway

Jim Bessey is owner and editor at SoWrite.Us, an active writers’ community that offers helpful articles and monthly cash-prize competitions.


 Bobbi Emel
free airfare giveaway
Bobbi Emel  is a Psychotherapist who specializes in helping people face life’s significant challenges and regain their resiliency. Download her free ebook, “Bounce Back! 5 keys to survive and thrive through life’s ups and downs.” you can visit Bobbi at The Bounce Blog and follow her on Facebook or on Twitter (@BobbiEmel )


Wendy Krueger
free airfare giveawayWendy Krueger is the founder of Visionology where she writes about unconventional inspiration in achieving your goals and dreams. She is launching The Visionology Show where she will interview guests on their out of the box ideas and projects.


 Mary Jaksh
free airfare giveaway
Mary Jaksch, is the blogger behind, the leading blog for writers, and Her tranquil Introduction to Meditation has been downloaded over 12,000 times.


Oh, did I mention that if you have not read the rules you should READ THEM NOW – because by entering, you are agreeing to them!


The Rest Is Up To You.

Now that you know who you have to convince, the comments section is all yours, my friends!







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Gary is a battle-tested sales and marketing pro, copywriter, coach, and business strategist who teaches how to create worthwhile work on Reboot Authentic. Connect with Gary on Google+ and Twitter.

12 Replies

  1. Hi judges,

    My name is Amit Amin, and one and a half years ago, I quit my job to start studying positive psychology. Six months into this new journey, I created, where I used my growing base of knowledge to start helping others.

    I will soon be converting all that I’ve been learning –

    1) what are the main problems people encounter in their pursuit of happiness, and
    2) what can science tell us about how those problems can be overcome,

    into a paid product – a happiness course sold online.

    If I was selected as the recipient of this trip, I would go to the Third International Positive Psychology Association World Congress.

    I would leave from the Tri-state airport of your convenience and travel to Los Angeles, leaving on June 26th and returning on June 30th.

    Because of my lack of funds, all that I’ve learnt about positive psychology has been self-taught – from research papers, books, and life experience. But that approach has its limitations.

    I expect this trip to help my business in two ways:

    1) Through exposure to dozens of presentations by the leaders in my field, I will learn things that books and papers cannot teach. In addition, I will be exposed to the cutting-edge of a fast-moving field – most of my sources of knowledge have a two to ten year lag-time.

    2) I will be able to create connections in what is a closed knit field (academia). I will use these connections to arrange expert interviews, bringing credibility to my enterprise as well as additional value to my product and marketing efforts (my free blog posts).

    This trip would also mark a psychological turning point – my first in-person full immersion into my new career and business.

    I hope you’ll consider me – thanks for reading!

  2. What a great and generous prize! Tweeting it to all of my followers!

    1. Thank you, Lee! I appreciate that a lot!

  3. Hey judges!

    My name is Kaylee Rupp, and I’m a blogger at I started my blog a year and a half ago after being set free from a corporate cube farm. Through my writing, I strive to express the spirit of Zen and help readers take a lighter approach to life.

    If selected for the trip, I’d go to the Hay House event “I Can Do It!” The conference is a wealth of information, provided by tons of amazing, accomplished writers. I’d go to tap into their wisdom and: learn to retrain my subconscious mind and realize the divine in me (and us all), let go of patterns of self-sabotage, and become more courageous, transparent and a better, heart-centered writer. As I apply the insights I gain from the conference, I would share them with my readers to help them accomplish the very same things, and create a flourishing, peaceful, community of people living on purpose.

    I’d fly out from Chicago on May 3rd, 2013, to Atlanta, GA. I’d fly back on May 5th.

    This would be a great opportunity to connect with others who are looking to create richer lives, and to learn powerful info to pass along to my readers. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  4. Hi! I’m Angelina Aucello and I write the blog “Just Another Points Traveler” over at I write articles to help inspire people from all around the globe to travel to places they never could have imagined getting to or affording financially, using points and miles. There is no such thing as a “dream vacation” anymore ;).

    I started blogging full time in last year, and aside from my blog, I am also a SAG/AFTRA actor. Since joining BoardingArea, I have helped hundreds of people take trips of a lifetime for only pennies. I hope to inspire people to truly live and take as much of the world in as possible via the beauty of traveling.

    I landed my first “speaking gig” coming up in May of 2013 in Denver at a travel conference, and if selected, I would use my airfare to get there and back. Coincidently, I am based out of EWR and DEN and EWR are Southwest hubs, so this would be a perfect opportunity that I would be tremendously grateful for. The dates are May 10-12.

    This trip would be a game changer for me because I’m hoping this will be the first of many other chances to inspire a crowd and share my innate passions with others. I never have taken the time to actually enter a blog contest like this, but when I saw this opportunity in my Twitterfeed, it “felt right” to me, if that makes any sense 🙂

    Thanks again for this generous opportunity!

  5. Howdy Ya’ll
    I am Coach Comeback – P. James Holland – Life Reinvention specialist/zombie killer . I started out teaching life “comebacks” mostly tackling the mental part of it because I have personally lost EVERYTHING 2 different times in my life. Most people say they lost everything and it may just be a job or their house. When I say everything I mean I went from owning a couple houses, 2 cars, 6 figure corporate job – the dream life – down to living out of my car with only my clothes and my computer….. and my faithful Cece <3

    But you never know where the path leads you because now I am teaching financial comebacks through Real Estate by personal requests. Having great success and enjoying the journey.

    My trip would be from New York to San Diego in May to go see Brendon Burchard live at this year's Experts Academy. I just know this will give my business the extra structure and principles needed to be able to reach more people and effect more lives.

    That's my story …. and I'm sticking to it! Thank you and good luck to everyone.

  6. Greetings Gary & Team,

    My name is Mark Mathia and I am the CEO and Executive Coach of Tiburon Financial and Trident Coaching Systems. Tiburon Financial is a debt collection organization serving clients across the nation. While that may not be the sexiest thing to be – our firm is a bit different. We lead with the brand vision: “A Promise Made is a Promise Kept.”

    And, we mean it.

    Trident Coaching offers leadership development coaching in a variety of forms. Trident’s primary objective is to assist leader’s within the healthcare industry in raising the leadership lid by Aligning core values, Energizing teams and improving Performance from within. This translates in to greater profits and ultimately better patient satisfaction.

    If selected I would dedicate the airfare to reaching our current client base and offering them an introduction to our coaching services. This would benefit my organizations by improving our growing platform. In addition, I believe that this investment into our company would be compounded as we commit to serving others by sharing ideas that are transformative. My commitment is to offer valuable leadership tools that will positively impact their organizational health.

    My travel itinerary is flexible. Currently we have several places that have invited us to speak, coach and train. Not to mention the possibility of new opportunities we could have if we had a free flight. I anticipate our travel would be mid to Late Summer or Early Fall.

    I would travel from Omaha, Nebraska home of the Nebraska Cornhuskers and would also commit to sharing the Good News about the best Football program in the nation. (that was a suck up.)

    This opportunity could be a game changer by increasing our ability to connect with and assist great organizations improve their leadership levels. For our firm, it would aid us in maintaining contact and becoming the go-to coaching company in the healthcare industry.

    Gary, thanks for providing great content and giving away opportunities like this.

    P.S. It would also give me a great adventure to blog about and share the impact that Reboot Authentic has had on our organizations.



  7. Gary, what a wonderful idea; after my success, I will use this idea in my own business as a way to pay it forward. Thank you for offering this.

    My name is C. Lee Reed and I blog at about raising my teenage
    daughter [with my hubby of 20 years] in a much chastised overprotective way. I started blogging about our hovering tendencies when I couldn’t find any positive comments on the affects of helicopter parents. I am a thyroid cancer survivor and while home recovering, I found the time to write, or more accurately type. I firmly believe that because of my decision to stay highly involved in my daughter’s life, it has forged a unique, tight-knit, amazing bond. Not every story is tragic when the parents hover. Yes, it may irritate my child at times, however in the end; she knows that we’re here to help her grow into a productive citizen.

    Having said that, my business is in its infancy and didn’t really start off as a business. I just intended to vent about my discord with the negative press. My blog was warmly welcomed and has garnered much attention over the last six months and I’ve been happily “forced” to rethink my future path. Instead of a simple journal of memories, I’ve welcomed the opportunities that have come my way. From media to advertising to talk shows, I am learning how to grow my brand step by step. One of the most important tidbits that I’ve learned is that in the blogosphere,
    it’s all who you know and whom you’ve learned from. There are many inspiring highly efficient business persons out there making a life through blogging and since I’m only one person, I need to be where they congregate. Blogger conferences!

    My intention, if I am awarded the business trip airline travel, is to attend the BlogHer 2013 conference on July 25-27th in Chicago. Contacts that I’ve made already stress that this is THE event to be at to network and learn. The immense value of the knowledge that I’ll learn from attending this event will take my blog writing to the next level. I’ll learn from leaders in their industry how to build an audience, create content worth reading [I think I already do!] and monetizing my site. I have been a faithful study reading everything I can, however it’s a slow process. This event will offer a crash course of highly valuable information in one group setting. I also want to show the naysayers that what I write is who I am; not an evil parent dashing the dreams of my child. I feel it’s important that they meet me and know my essence instead of just wondering if I’m faking it online.

    My preference would be to fly from Tampa [TPA] to Chicago Midway [MDW] on the evening of Wednesday 7/24 and return home on the evening of Saturday 7/27. Classes start 7/25 8am and finish 7/27 at 6 pm CST. At the event, I will be attending workshops such as My Blog as a Business covering fundamental how-to’s and a session on Pitch Writing for that future book opportunity. Also workshops on Monetizing and Marketing my blog.

    I believe this trip will allow me to attend a crucial event in a mommy bloggers life. It’s very important to meet and build relationships with the other bloggers that we know online. It’s also easier to learn from hearing of their mistakes instead of the pain of growing on my own. I’ve always wanted a business that could allow me to show my love for my family first and foremost and to build a tribe of women [and men] that push each other toward their goals. I will meet
    these people in Chicago in July. This trip will be a game changer because it will add more fuel to my already ignited passion for my site when I see other successful entrepreneurs having the life I want to create for my family. Their success will fan the flames!

    I fully expect to attend this event regardless of whether or not I win this flight award however it would be lovely to use the savings to purchase materials at the conference. Not having to pay the airline travel fees will allow me to do that.
    I appreciate the chance to win this prize and hope to use your example of kindness in my future business. Best
    of luck to everyone…but I hope it’s me!!!

  8. Tom Bentley

    Hello. I’m Tom Bentley and I run The Write Word,, a writing and editing services company that provides business copywriting and editing for SMB clients and sometimes enterprise clients. My work is a bit of a grab bag: I write web content, blog posts, press releases, marketing collateral and case studies, though the core of that is that I work with clients to shape their stories in the tangy language that connects with their audience. I am also a travel writer, essayist and fiction writer, as well as a fiction and business book editor. (Whew! I’m tired.)

    If I were chosen, I would go to Seth Godin’s next New York presentation. I cannot give a definitive date when I would go, because Seth doesn’t announce his events until close to their dates, but he does do several New York-based events every year, so I’m confident there will be one in the coming months. I would leave either out of San Jose, California or San Francisco. I would fly into LaGuardia.

    The business-related activity would be absorbing and participating in a Seth workshop, one where he elaborates on his work of compelling people to step forward: be the person to take risks, be willing to fail (and to learn from the failure), be generous, and offer your art to the world. I have read a number of Seth’s books, and am a member of his Triiibes network. I think his ideas are a galvanizing force to make a difference in the world, and I feel that attending one of his events would focus and catalyze my business to be the best it can be. Seth points a way on how to make a difference—and I want to go that way.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. My name is Heather McCloskey. I am the founder of,
    McCloskey Partners, LLC, a full-service, woman-owned Human Resources firm
    located outside of Philadelphia, PA. 7 years ago, I left my “safe” job and invested in myself. I wanted to create a footprint in both Human Resources as
    well as our community. I wanted to create a place where people could be a
    part of something great and have a fabulous career but never have to compromise being a mom or a dad or miss out on something that was going on in their
    personal life. Today McCloskey Partners
    is a business that is thriving. We work with small- to medium-sized companies in many industries located locally and across the US. These are
    companies who have similar issues and struggles as larger corporations, but
    have smaller budgets and a lesser need for full-time in-house HR professionals.
    We provide skills and the expertise of a professional, corporate HR department
    to these smaller employers in a practical, cost-efficient manner. We are a
    small company with a limited budget, but big goals. We have always worked with
    our clients to discover more than just their business needs. We partner with
    them to uncover what is about themselves and their business that makes them
    truly remarkable. This then enables them to move forward with confidence and a
    vision of greatness. I would love to win your contest for airfare to a business
    event I would normally be unable to attend.

    My “game-changer” would be a chance to attend the Society for Human Resource
    Management (SHRM) conference in Chicago June 16-19, 2013 as an exhibitor! (I
    would leave out of PHL and fly into ORD).

    This would be an incredible opportunity for a small business like mine! This
    conference brings together an incredibly targeted audience. The opportunity to
    get in front of them to showcase our services would offer returns we just
    aren’t able to produce on a day-to-day basis with our limited resources. This
    is one of the premier conferences for HR professionals, and attending and
    exhibiting would offer us the opportunity to increase our visibility, contacts,
    and perhaps even clients. You can’t buy that kind of exposure, and I recognize
    that. I would love the opportunity to be able to present our business to the
    attendees at this prestigious conference.

    Attending the SHRM conference means so much more to me than the exchange of
    business cards and gaining contacts. Nowhere else are such a collection of the
    “right people” gathered together, eager for knowledge and readily available to
    start meaningful business conversations with. The greater our awareness of
    what’s possible and the steps we can take to make what seems to be impossible actually
    happen, the more we can move forward towards success. It’s about using all our
    resources and all our collective might to make ourselves more remarkable, one
    step at a time. The more we do for ourselves, the more remarkable we seek to
    be, the better and more resourceful we become for our clients. I want to be the
    change we seek for those we serve. I hope attending this conference will help
    us do just that.

    Thank you for considering us for this incredible opportunity.

  10. Jeanne Noorman

    Hello Judges,

    My name is Jeanne Noorman, and I am a 53 year old woman in the process of reinventing myself. I grew up literally a stone’s throw from the OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona (When she was a little girl, my great grandmother met Wyatt Earp). I met my husband in Sevilla, Spain while studying abroad in college (True romance stories are the best kind). I spent 20+ years as a stay at home mom (I had a nice calm life of volunteering at church, homeschooling,
    serving on the Board of Directors of a 501C3 non-profit organization, directing student theatre productions, tutoring, leading workshops, speaking and writing). And then, in 2009, my youngest daughter went off to college, opening up my schedule and my mind to new possibilities (Hello empty nest). I love to read, so I took a part-time, seasonal job at a local bookstore to make a little money and help pay the college bills.

    I like to meet challenges, accomplish goals, and take each opportunity, no matter how seemingly small or mundane, to learn and improve. Because of this, I’m good at what I do. I set a goal, and I go for it; I work hard, and I usually reach and often exceed my goals. I am now the manager of that local bookstore. In fact, I was the top manager and salesperson out of eighteen Michigan stores in 2012.

    As a homeschool mom, my goal was to inspire in my children a love for learning, a solid work ethic, and the ambition to pursue their passions. One passion that my girls and I shared was for the stage. This led us to a young local director and his start-up company Homeschool Performing Arts. When I began working with the theatre company, they had 12 students doing skits in a church basement drama class. After working with the company as a producer, director, and business manager for eight years, they were operating in three cities, producing full length dramas and musicals, and winning national awards. My passion for the company was grounded in a mutual love for the theatre, and that love translated into all three girls being offered theatre scholarships for college. My three
    daughters all went to college on scholarships (academic, theatre, and music). Two have graduated with honors, one has her master’s degree, and the youngest will graduate Magna Cum Laude this May. Looking at the successes that my daughters, and the companies I have worked for, have had, gives me the confidence that with enough hard work, and the right people helping and supporting me, I can make the leap and accomplish my newest goal.

    The goal I’m currently working on is that of becoming a full-time freelance writer. I’ve always been a writer. As a high school student I was the editor of the school newspaper. In college and after graduation, I wrote radio ad copy. As a mom, I wrote children’s stories and later ran a blog on how to homeschool. Even now, I find the right words and communicate them in a manner that inspires customers to believe in what I am selling. It is my intention to transition into full-time freelance writing by the end of the year. In addition to business and B2B writing, I am working on several blog ideas, laying the groundwork and writing posts. Topics include:
    – Senior Stories – a blog where the stories of our senior citizens are shared – Prior to the mid-1900’s senior citizens were an honored part of our society. Grandparents and great grandparents shared their stories and their wisdom as they helped to raise the younger generations. But the advent of nursing homes changed this, and so much has been lost. I’d like to go to senior living centers, interview residents and preserve and share the memories, the stories and the lessons for current and future generations.

    – Stay-at-home mom’s blog – providing encouragement and ideas on how to be a stay-at-home mom in today’s work-a-day world – it’s not easy, but I’ve done it, and I can help others do it too. Living on a budget, fun family ideas and recipes will all be included.

    – Living the Homeschool Lifestyle – redesigning and reposting my homeschool blog – the purpose of this blog is to encourage home educating parents. In addition to my articles, I want to include posts from my daughters and their friends, homeschool graduates, who are now making their way in the world. Content on how to make learning interesting and fun, finding educational opportunities in unexpected places and building strong family relationships will also appeal to families whose children attend traditional schools.

    So, you’re probably wondering, what does all this have to do with the Reboot Authentic Free Airfare Giveaway?
    American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI) is holding their annual FastTrack To Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair on October 23-26, 2013 in Delray Beach, Florida. If I am awarded the Reboot Authentic Free Airfare, I will fly from Grand Rapids, Michigan (Southwest Air will begin service there this coming summer) to Fort
    Lauderdale, Florida which is just 35 miles from Delray Beach, where I will attend the AWAI Bootcamp.

    Even if I don’t win the free airfare, I will be there; I’ve already registered and paid the tuition. Over the years, I’ve learned that to reach a big goal, you need a plan. You have to work diligently on each step of the plan and you have to commit to the plan. Paying almost a year in advance for an expensive conference is one of the ways I’ve committed to my plan. It’s also great motivation for me to work the plan and be ready for the conference. Regularly following blogs to learn both writing and marketing business practices is also an integral part of my action plan, as is building relationships with the people who are doing what I want to do, people like Steve Slaunwhite, Ed Gandia, Danny Iny and now Gary Korisko.

    I’ve always been a writer; I believe that now is time to launch my writing career. My husband and kids believe in me; my friends and business associates believe in me. But here’s why winning the Reboot Authentic Free Airfare Giveaway would be a game changer: because that would mean you believe in me too. It would say that you believe someone who is motivated, hard-working and willing to do what it takes to learn about this ever growing and changing (and maybe a little bit crazy) field can succeed. I believe I am that person; I hope you do too.

    Thank you for your consideration!
    Jeanne Noorman