Jumpstart Your Business: Free Airfare Giveaway


If you’ve ever wanted to go do something amazing for your business like…free airfare

  • Go meet a potential partner in person
  • Go to a huge industry seminar and get the ammo you need to launch your big idea
  • Show up on that BIG prospect’s door on the other side of the country and close the deal that would be the turning point for your business
  • Get one-on-one training from an expert you admire

…but the distance and the cost of getting there was too much of a barrier for you – I have good news for you.

I’m going to smash that barrier and put you in a position to go do those things!

Before I get all jazzed up and start my enthusiastic rant, just watch the video. (I’ll rant later)


Pretty cool, right?

I’m stoked and I won’t even be going on the trip!


So there are 4 things I’d really appreciate you doing for me:

1: If you’re not already an insider – become one today by using the form below. Insiders get updates, my free eBook, and a promise of not being spammed to death.

2: Use the social sharing icons below to a) Like Reboot Authentic on Facebook; and b) Tweet this post. Help spread the word!

3: If you like the idea of this giveaway, please go give it a like here on YouTube as well.

4: Tell everyone you know personally who could benefit from free airfare about the giveaway. Send them here.


See, the whole Purpose of this is to give one lucky person with a great idea an opportunity to go make something amazing happen. So get ready to enter – and if you can’t use the trip please tell someone who can.

Get ready to tell your story on the 31st. The judges and I will be waiting!

Good luck to you!


About Gary Korisko

Gary is a battle-tested sales and marketing pro, copywriter, coach, and business strategist who teaches how to create worthwhile work on Reboot Authentic. Connect with Gary on Google+ and Twitter.

21 Replies

  1. What a great opportunity for someone deserving, Gary!

    1. I agree, Jim. I can’t wait to hear all the stories – and see how this trip impacts the winner. This should be FUN!

  2. MaryJaksch

    This is a fantastic idea, Gary! I love the video.

    1. Thank you, Mary.

      I’m excited to get this rolling. I’m so excited you’d think I was going on the trip πŸ™‚

    1. Should be great. Can’t wait to see who turns out for the kickoff.

  3. Very exciting offer and great video. And more content organically from the winner’s trip.

    1. Good point. I’ll be interested to hear the “after” story and see pictures of what the winner did on the trip.

  4. Awesome Gary! You’ve got a good start – help the reader, help the reader, help the reader.

  5. This is such a great idea… I can’t wait to see who and how this trip helps!

    1. I’m looking forward to it, too Kaylee!

  6. Hi Gary, really enjoyed that video. Just lovin’ the look and feel of your new headquarters! Great contest idea, too. I’m looking forward to hearing some of the pitches.

    1. You and me both, Dave. And thanks for the compliments. I’m settling into the new digs and feeling comfy myself!

  7. Kim T

    Awesome idea! I don’t have anywhere I need to go, but I’ll help spread the word for you!

    1. Great! I love a team player, Kim πŸ™‚

      Thank you!

      1. Kim T

        You’re welcome!

  8. Guest

    My friend wants to fly in a cousin she used to be very close to who’s moved away around 5 years ago. I’d give it to her as a surprise to fly her cousin in whenever she wanted (since she’s originally wanting to, just can’t afford it currently).

    1. Hi there. Unless there’s more to the story that doesn’t sound like a business related trip. But just to be sure – make sure you come back tomorrow (1/31) when the contest is live and read all the rules. In the meantime, re-watch the video. Thanks!

  9. jovell alingod

    Re-sharing this on my FB profile and pages…I hope those in the US would see how great this opportunity is πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, Jovell! Very nice of you πŸ™‚

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