The Simple Truth Of How To Get Your New Blog Noticed


get your new blog noticed

Has the world noticed your blog yet?

There’s nothing more stressful, more doubt-inducing, or more enthusiasm-crushing than running a blog that you know is good – but no one knows about.

You study everything you can get your hands on, you do your best to write quality content, you promote your posts on social networks – and still your efforts yield little to nothing in terms of traffic or subscribers.

At times it can make you want to scrap the whole thing and walk away.

Trust me – I know how you feel. I had a blog before this one that crashed and burned.

Worse than that… no one even noticed the fire.

But things are different for me now here on Reboot Authentic. Things are good!

Recently, I’ve had several people ask me a variation of this question…

What have you done to get your new blog noticed so early? What do you think has made the difference?

I’ve been asked that question enough that I thought it was time to write a post about it. Having had a blog that went nowhere, and now having a new one that’s doing well… I’ve taken note of a few things that have really made a difference for me in terms of getting some traction early on.

If you’re expecting a lot of over-hyped typical internet “secrets of” kind of stuff, well… then you’re probably going to be disappointed in this post. On the other hand, if you want to really know the practical, unspectacular steps I’ve taken to put my blog on a strong upward trajectory – then you’ll find this extremely useful.

Zig Ziglar used to say that you don’t become successful by doing one big thing right – you become successful because you do a whole bunch of little things right.

Seven Unspectacular But Effective Things You can Do To Get Your New Blog Noticed


Learning is like rowing upstream:
not to advance is to drop back. — Chinese Proverb

1: Get An Education
I beat this drum constantly, I know. And I’ll say it again… get an education. Fake it ‘till you make it is not a viable strategy. You can be the smartest person in the world, but if you try to limp along and figure it out as you go, the learning curve will be way too steep to get significant momentum build up early on.

Prior to my launch of Reboot Authentic, I enrolled in Corbett Barr’s Start A Blog That Matters – and in Mary Jaksch’s A-List Blogging… and they made all the difference in the world. Later I joined Danny Iny’s Audience Business Masterclass – and I’m blown away by all the new, valuable things I’m learning in the course every day.

All that to say – learn from the best. I can’t emphasize enough how much impact those three programs have had on the growth of Reboot Authentic. Yes, there’s an investment involved – but in terms of what you can achieve with what you learn – it’s more than worth it.


Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. — Helen Keller

2: Form A Brain Trust
Join a group, meet people through social networking, whatever. Because NO ONE makes it in any walk of life or any field alone. You need support, you need feedback, constructive criticism and the interaction that comes from being a part of a brain trust.

But most importantly, you need different perspectives. After 20-some years in sales management I can tell you one thing for sure: You don’t see yourself and your own situation like others do. You can try… but you can’t see the 30,000 foot view of yourself.

I have a group of people I’ve wound up with who range from A-List bloggers to relative newbies. But they’re all people who I trust and whose opinions I value. They’re always there for me to run things by and they’re always ready to give honest feedback. You can’t put a price on the value of that type of relationship.

Get yourself a brain trust.


Easy reading is damn hard writing. — Nathaniel Hawthorne

3: Read And Write Every Day
In addition to any formal education you receive, you also need to be actively seeking self-education opportunities outside of whatever courses you take. Consume content daily. Subscribe to the best blogs in your market and in markets that overlap. Set up Google alerts for topics you write about. Read books. Seek and collect information wherever and whenever you can.

Write every day, too. Maybe this is cliché, but it’s true. You can’t become good at anything unless you practice a lot. Write every day.

And let me stop all you, “I don’t have time” people right now. Yes you do. If you want to write – then write. Early in the morning, late at night, on the bus, in a cab, at lunch time – it doesn’t have to be a full post or a masterpiece or anything like that. Just write. It’s good practice and it will spawn tons of new ideas. I’m typing in a hotel at 5am right now. I found time today. You can too. Write every day.


Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential. — Winston Churchill

4: Post Consistently
At the point I’m at, I post on my own blog at least once a week. Not daily. And I run an active guest posting campaign. However you structure it, you need to be seen regularly. And you need to be seen in a positive light regularly – not just seen.

Just throwing up a half-hearted post to fill space doesn’t count. Post regularly – and post quality content.


If you’re not networking, you’re not working — Dennis Waitley

5: Participate Outside The Blog
Make sure you participate on and off your blog. Answer every comment thoughtfully… on your own posts and you guest posts. Comment on other blogs, be active in social networks – be seen “out there” being supportive and offering value – not just broadcasting your own sales messages.


Speak properly, and in as few words as you can, but always plainly; for the end of speech is not ostentation, but to be understood.  — William Penn

6: Write To Help – Not To Impress
I am a huge fan of people who write like they speak. It feels like a personal conversation and it builds trust.

Readers don’t want to see how much you know about sentence structure… they want to see how you communicate information that can be useful to them. Writing plainly and in common language is much more effective than writing content artificially packed with long, flowery words. No one cares how many big words you know.

Break a few grammar rules. Write real. I was an English major – and I violate so many rules of proper English that it’s not even funny. try to write as if you’re at a coffee shop or a bar sitting across the table from someone you like just chatting about your topic. People are attracted to real and are averse to insincere. Write real.


This above all; to thine own self be true.  — William Shakespeare

7: Be Real
This is my personal pet peeve online. Maybe it’s why I started a blog called Reboot Authentic, right?

There’s enough salesy, phony, fluffy crap out there. There’s enough shock value kind of stuff out there. In fact there’s so much anymore that it tends to fade into the background like wallpaper. You don’t even notice it.

Be yourself and be sincere with people. Don’t allow yourself to be swept into the current of sameness that is so prevalent out there.

Offer to help people instead of just blasting messages about yourself and your offerings. Try asking someone about their life. Don’t worry about “if it scales” or not. People appreciate being treated as if they matter… and it’s sad to see how surprised they are that someone is actually interested in them as a person.

Several times a week someone emails me saying how surprised they are to be contacted personally and directly – because I make an effort to reach out to individual readers whenever possible. I guess that’s the exception rather than the rule anymore – and that’s too bad.

Try reaching out just to reach out. No sales message – no schmutz. Just make contact because you’re interested in people and then watch how they react.


8: Bonus Advice – Start Guest Posting!

I’m here to tell you that guest posting works. In fact, odds are that if you’re one of my subscribers – you found this blog because of one of my guest posts.

If you’re trying to get your blog noticed, you really need to get started on a guest posting campaign. Without a doubt – I can attribute the upward trajectory of Reboot Authentic to my guest posting efforts.

What exactly has guest posting done for me? Only increased my subscriber base more than 14 times over. (Not too shabby, eh?)

But here’s the catch: You need to learn to do it right. You can’t just fly off willy-nilly and hope it works for you.

There are two programs out there I can personally recommend as top-quality courses. I’ve been in both of them, and they each deliver value far beyond the cost of the program. The links below are affiliate links, by the way.

Guest Blogging by Jon Morrow
What can you say? This program is the guest posting bible. It’she granddaddy of them all. Everything you’d ever want to know about guest posting is here. Especially strong are the sections on relationship building (vital!) and how to target influential blogs. There’s a very active forum, bonus materials, worksheets, and videos galore. It’s staggering, really how much information is in here. It’s full of valuable strategies, tips, tools, and secrets.

Write Like Freddy by Danny Iny
Another can’t miss course. Danny’s most famous for knocking out over 80 quality guest posts in his first year online. Most of them on major blogs. Obviously to do that, you have to be a pretty talented writer – and be able to write quickly. Write Like Freddy teaches you how Danny became one of the most prolific guest posters in recent history. Of particular interest is his simple copywriting formula and his method of outlining a whole guest post in 10 minutes.  (Yes, really!)

I recommend them both very highly. They come from different angles, but both will get you moving in the right direction.

So what about you?

Think of your favorite online haunts. How did you find them? What pulled you in? What keeps you going back? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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The Simple Truth Of How To Get Your New Blog Noticed

About Gary Korisko

Gary is a battle-tested sales and marketing pro, copywriter, coach, and business strategist who teaches how to create worthwhile work on Reboot Authentic. Connect with Gary on Google+ and Twitter.

69 Replies

  1. kentsanders

    Gary, thanks so much for this post. This is really great material. I’m also currently in the Audience Business Masterclass, and it’s a GREAT program. Very nice work on your blog here – keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks very much, Kent! Hope to see you here often.

  2. Nancy


    To answer your questions… One of my “favorite online haunts” is YOUR BLOG. I found it through your guest post on the great blog Write to Done. What pulled me in was your razor-keen point of view on your topic, and your kick-ass writing. I said to myself, “I don’t care what this guy’s blog topic is; I just have to read whatever he writes!” So for anybody who wants to get lots of subscribers from a guest post, and generally build a blog: make it irresistibly compelling and kick some ass — also, be well educated on your subjects — just like Gary.

    Bravo, Gary, as always!


    1. Oh geez, Nancy. I don’t really blush… but if I did, that comment might have triggered it. Thanks very much for your comments and all your support. I appreciate you!

      1. Nancy

        Well, I don’t b.s., Gary.
        As you know, I call it as I see it !

        1. You sure do. 🙂

          Thanks, Nancy!

  3. thepassiondiva

    Totally Awesome! great list… and more than that these are things that you have done. I love that you are sharing exactly what you are doing.

    1. Thanks, Lori. And hey – if it’s working, I kind of feel like it needs to be shared, right? Very nice of you to say 🙂

  4. Good stuff, Gary! You’re right, the tips aren’t spectacular, but they get the job done!

    1. Doing lots of little things right gets it done, Bobbi. I’m sure that’s true in your area of expertise as well. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Sage advice. And I still don’t do some of it. Leading a horse to water and all that…

    1. It’s hard to stay on top of all the things you’re “supposed” to do. But just like in sports – and pretty much every area of life – it’s really doing the basics well that makes things happen. Good to *see* you, Mike!

      1. No doubt, but it irks me to know there are certain things I know I should be doing to build my own project, but haven’t yet squeezed out the time to do them.

        And when do I get invited to this “Team Gary” mastermind group? I make tasty virtual nachos.

        1. Nachos? Why didn’t you say so?

  6. Great tips, Gary! I always feel like I just ‘stumble upon’ these great gems of websites or blogs, but like you point out, great bloggers with a plan place themselves in the path of their readers. It’s usually less coincidence than method at work, but if done right, everybody ends up happy.

    1. That’s a great point. And as a “sales guy” for many (many) years – we teach the same things. You have to put yourself in a position to be seen. Funny you should put it that way. It’s actually part of the course I mentioned in this post. Thanks Kimberly!

  7. Thank you for this post. It is nice to see reasonable, down-to-earth suggestions. All of these are completely doable – now to actually do them!

    1. Hi Rhonda. You’re absolutely right. Most effective actions are pretty simple – it’s the execution we tend to drop the ball on. Very nice to see you here. Thanks for joining in!

  8. Gary, you’re right these tips aren’t groundbreaking, but they’re very real. Thanks for the insight and much needed advice as I get ready to launch a new blog 🙂

    1. Good luck with your launch. And the fact that you understand that most things that are truly effective are not huge, spectacular events puts you at an advantage! Keep us posted on your progress, Marianne.

  9. Jim Bessey

    Rock-solid, Gary.

    As others have noted, you don’t offer magical secrets and potions, or inflated claims about what one might achieve. What you do offer, however, is always Real (Authentic!) — and you always back it up with The Facts.

    I’m not the least bit ashamed to admit that I’m learning from you, because I trust you to shoot me straight (a lovely but weird turn of phrase).

    Three of my other favorite haunts are Danny’s Firepole Marketing, Tea’s Word Chef, and Sophie’s Be a Freelance Blogger. Why? Because they are each, like you and in their own way, straight shooters who write well and are fun to read. Not a flashy Secret Formula — but it works!

    I love your section quotes in this post, Gary. Do you have a favorite Quotes source, or search method?

    1. Thanks, Jim.

      You know I’m a Danny fan. I don’t know Tea other than by reputation (which is a good one) – and I’ve actually just recently started corresponding with Sophie. She was kind enough to link to my eBook and we struck up a conversation. I like her, her content, and her whole vibe a great deal.

      And I’d agree. I think both of them are successful because they’re straight shooters. I always figure that if you *REALLY* have something of value to offer, you don’t need the hype.

      To answer your other question – I’ve collected quotes for many, many years from so many different sources. There are tons of sites out there. Just start Googling and bookmarking. Try “quotes about _____” Inserting your topic in the blank. Good luck, buddy!

  10. I’ve been hearing of this past failure of yours. Is it still live? If so, would you mind sharing? I’m simply curious to see the difference between what you’ve got now and where you started.

    I’m the same, I had a blog… then I picked up How to Start a Blog That Matters. Wow, I went from crap to something half-decent. I think the only one I need to work on is consistency. On average I post once every 3 weeks, which I figure I should try to cut down to 2 weeks.

    1. It isn’t still live, sorry. It’s redirected to this blog. And actually, I’m turning loose of the domain when it expires this week.

      Short of seeing the site, the domain ought to tell you how on target I was with regard to focus. You know I’m all about sharing successes and failures… and this failure was a doozie. This is kind of embarrassing – but it shows how important focus really is – so here it is:

      (I can hear you laughing from here. Stop that.)

      It also was about business, content marketing, and authenticity in general – but it was wrapped in a domain that confused and/or repelled visitors. Talk about a swing and a miss! 🙂

      But now I figured a few things out and the trajectory is much better.

      I knew someone would ask some day and I’d have to spill the beans, Amit. Glad it was you.

      1. I happened to like that blog, even without the pants!

        1. Ha! Yeah, Mike. You were one of my original 10 or so. I appreciate that – and the content was fine. You have to agree that focus-wise, this works better. And this feels *more* like home to me.

  11. violet march

    Thanks for the ideas. I just started mine recently and would love to get some readers.

    1. Hi Violet!

      I’m glad you found this useful. As you grow your blog, let me know how these tips work for you – and feel free to reach out for help.

  12. Jessi Fry

    Woohoo some ‘real’ advice, finally. Was worried my blog was breaking English rules! But so glad to find out its one of your tips. Thanks Gary

    1. 🙂 Yes, but be careful. There’s a difference between breaking some style and punctuation rule on purpose and making big grammatical errors! Glad you liked it!
      Gary Korisko recently posted…What to Do When Success Bites You in the AssMy Profile

  13. Hі, I logg on to your new stuff like every wеek. Your
    humoristic stylpe is awesome, keep it up!
    San Francisco travel recently posted…San Francisco travelMy Profile

  14. Thanks so much for the advice! Cassandra =)
    Cassandra Reilly recently posted…Defining a new art project – themes and ideasMy Profile

    1. You’re welcome Cassandra!
      Gary Korisko recently posted…What to Do When Success Bites You in the AssMy Profile

  15. Some great advice
    I would add to target long tail keywords as there is less competition
    Pro Blog Guide recently posted…How Color Theory Analysis Can Boost your Blog ReadershipMy Profile

  16. I really like some of these helpful tips! thank you so much. I am brand new to this world of blogging and I am excited to see what I can do

    1. Hi Kyle. I’m glad you found it helpful. Best of luck to you!
      Gary Korisko recently posted…Is Disqus Killing Your Blog? Why (and How) I Pulled the PlugMy Profile

  17. Tanya

    Great post with really helpful advice, thank you! I’ve been blogging for almost a year now and guest posting for different websites but can’t seem to get a consistent following. My traffic spikes when I have a post but then goes back to low numbers. Any advice? Thanks!

    1. Tanya:

      Sorry for the delay here. I’m not sure how I missed your comment, but I did. My apologies.

      First – almost a year is just getting started, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re not ruling the world just yet. 🙂 Don’t let all that “instant success” and “secrets of” hokum get in your head. Building an audience takes time.

      Secondly – I can’t do a more detailed analysis via the comments section like this, but after visiting your blog I think there are some things you could tighten up that would help. Feel free to contact me via the contact page (on the main menu above) and I can go into detail in an email.
      Gary Korisko recently posted…Is Disqus Killing Your Blog? Why (and How) I Pulled the PlugMy Profile

  18. Thank you. That was really useful. I have had a rest from blogging so it’s getting back into it for the run up to our baby show in september which we will have many Guest blogs.

  19. Great tips, thank you! 🙂
    Helena recently posted…Varför man inte ska sminka sig nyvakenMy Profile

  20. I’ve now had 2 failed blogs, and one on the way. I’m real, I don’t brag, I’m helpful, I show variety, but stick to the same theme, I don’t make my posts too long, I post very often, for my videos I have good sound and lighting. Any advice?

  21. Finally a no fluff, REAL explanation behind blogging and creating a successful blog! I can’t thank you enough for your honesty!

    Day in and day out, I constantly ask myself what magical step has everyone else taken that I haven’t? I guess it takes time and the one new thing that I learned from your post is not having to do it alone! I think it’s time for me to get out there and start creating my own BrainTrust group! 😀

    Thanks a million!

    Jenna Davis
    Give for Granted | Traveling the World, Making a Difference

  22. Thanks for this post. It’s the most helpful I’ve come across yet 🙂
    Corinna recently posted…Hozier FeverMy Profile

  23. Bryce Hockman

    You have really summarized an ideal explanation to get your blog out there. I am an aspiring writer and I am just desperate to get noticed for my work. My attempts have unfortunately failed several times, but after this I am hoping to start developing supporters. I understand the necessity of support, but I am having trouble having credible sources to support my blog. Although I post my writings on social networks, I feel the individuals who follow me aren’t exactly my ideal audience, therefore uninterested in my writings.

  24. The guest-posting part is the most difficult for me. I’ll have to get out there and make some friends.

    Nice article.

    Everett De Morier
    Everett De Morier recently posted…REVIEW: Texas Roadhouse RestaurantMy Profile

    1. I’m struggling with that part as well. There is a reason I’m behind a keyboard typing and not on stage presenting :P.
      Timber recently posted…Going off the grid makes you a patriotMy Profile

  25. Dear Gary,

    Thank you so much for your tips – I really appreciate it. I have only been blogging for a month and respond has been mind blowing. I have a nonprofitable blog that only have one purpose – to help as many people as possible. I would love you hear your opinion incase I am doing something wrong.

    Thank you!

  26. Thank you for taking the time to share this information! One of the most informative posts I’ve read thus far in getting your blog noticed. I have started blogging personally in the last year, although have been writing professionally over the past couple of years for my clients. This is super helpful.

  27. We are building a blog to share and spread ideas that could make for a better South-Africa. Now if only I can find a few blogs that tackle the subject of idea generation or nation building…. :). Thanks for the good post!
    Timber recently posted…Going off the grid makes you a patriotMy Profile

  28. Good read..
    Agree..blogger should “Write To Help – Not To Impress”- key take way.
    Sany recently posted…Suffering- A World of fractions- Spiritual LifeMy Profile

  29. Great stuff very helpful thanks. I need to read and write more in my spare time. Modern life distractions have eaten away at time I could have better spent with a book. So I will now endeavour to read more.

  30. Thank you for this article! very helpful!

    I recently started a blog myself… it’s all still very new to me, and I’m learning as I go. My aim is to address real issues with a realistic perspective, and to give tips on how to overcome them based off of my own personal experiences. I just want to help and motivated people.

    Check it out!

  31. Thank you so much. I’ve just started getting into the whole blogging thing and it is really helpful to get tips from someone experienced!

  32. Thanks Gary, I’m glad I found your post today. Really needed these insights. I’m off now to check out the info on the links you posted. Keep up the good work.
    Lp Johnson recently posted…Being Free Takes Faith. Living Free Takes WORK.My Profile

  33. Nice. Great information without a bunch of self promotion and BS. Thank you!
    David recently posted…Are you in remission?My Profile

    1. Thank you, David! Nice of you to say so 🙂 Glad it helped you.
      Gary Korisko recently posted…How to Keep a Positive Attitude When the Energy Vampires AttackMy Profile

  34. Great article, Gary! It’s a really helpful list that I hope to implement into my blog.

  35. Great article – with some good insight. However – I’m in a bit of a different position right now – I have two sites that i’ve been working on getting more traffic to – one is doing well enough at the moment – and it works with these tips, so that’s great.


    The other one (which is still VERY young) doesn’t work with most strategies. It relies on images, primarily, (short business model: providing a ‘clean’ (without announcing as much) alternative to the humor blogs, image dumps, etc – i.e. feeling comfortable with letting your kids near it, even if they don’t understand the content, without getting all ‘adult’). Why is this a problem? Because it’s so. blasted. hard. to SEO and guest post and drive traffic when you just post images (for the most part).

    I know there’s a market, and the content we post is good, and has even had a few viral outbreaks, especially our own original content (as opposed to the curated stuff).

    Anyway – that went on longer than i meant it to – the point is: what suggestions would you have to generate traffic, and gain a readership to a site like this that posts 1-3 times a _day_ (like i said – not short on content) without getting spammy, annoying, or spending money on useless conversion-less traffic? If you don’t mind, of course.


  36. Great post!

    I’ve been working on a blog in my spare time for about a year now, and although it’s small, I do all of these things (except guest posting) and can attest that it’s worked. It’s a gradual and slow process, but it’s growing. I honestly don’t push it into peoples faces, spam, or really bother with 90% of the marketing gimmicks out there. I just post consistently, engage with my readers, and respond to every email. Now I just have to take your last tip more seriously, and look into guest posting 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this. Reading about someone who has found success doing some of the same things I’m doing is really encouraging!



  37. Well written Man… I also wrote on this topic ( ) but your words are so impressive and catchy. I really want to appreciate your writing skills. Your content is easy to understand.

  38. I’m hoping this will help me! I’ve one of those people who’s been told for years that they need to write to get the things i think and say out, but i lost a lot of confidence a few years ago and as soon as i started to blog, i stopped again pretty sudden. Now things are happening in life where I’m realising that this is going to be alongside or part of my career and this time I can really feel it helping me personally and professionally. I just still use blogger. I have some great posts that got quite a few shares and views a couple of years ago and i don’t really have much of a clue when it comes to coding and sorting out wordpress. So one minute I feel things are getting somewhere and make sense, and the next i’m worried that i’s all just going into hot air. Are there any online courses in blogging you would suggest? Or do i keep trawling the internet, writing and pick it up as i go along?

  39. Hii Gary thank you so much for this amazing post. I am running a travel and i didn’t get enough traffic as i expected could you suggest me something important for my blog.

  40. This is really interesting! Thanks for all the advice. Can you apply these tips to aspiring musicians? Would they work with new musicians trying to get their music ‘out there’ so to speak?
    Jonty recently posted…A Short List of UK Summer FestivalsMy Profile

  41. Hello and thanks for the great article. I want to do some guest posts but I’m not sure how to actually do that. How do you get someones attention long enough to ask them? Thanks!
    Rachelle Clara recently posted…Hair CareMy Profile

  42. Thank you so much for these awesome tips! I have found them to be very helpful!!

  43. I found this article earlier today, and I have to say as a startup blogger, this advice is really helpful. Some articles swear that there is a special magic trick in order to get loads of viewers and subscribers, but you don’t. You are completely honest, and give amazing tips. Thank you!

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