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The underlying message of Reboot Authentic begins with one simple belief: YOU are a business.

Whether you work for someone else, run your own business, are a solo entrepreneur, or are a salesperson who earns only when you sell – YOU are a business.

The way customers buy is undergoing a massive shift – as is the way customers want to be treated by those who aspire to call them clients. Small, people-centered companies are thriving because of their high level of engagement and the big boys (at least the smart ones) are trying their best to seem smaller and more personal to accommodate the shift.

Selling the same types of products and services to the same people in the same ways won’t get you to where you want to be. You need to purposefully define your market, choose your company wisely, and sell to people in a way that resonates with them. If you’ve had difficulty gaining traction in whatever field you’re in, Reboot Authentic can help.

I started Reboot Authentic because over time I have noticed a shortage of real-world business advice online.

If the conventional business advice you’ve seen offered liberally online has left you cold and empty handed, we would love to have you as a regular reader.

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About Gary Korisko

Gary is a battle-tested sales and marketing pro, copywriter, coach, and business strategist who teaches how to create worthwhile work on Reboot Authentic. Connect with Gary on Google+ and Twitter.

11 Replies

  1. Randy

    Hi Gary- and Merry Christmas! How do I access my ebook?

  2. Great to see you in your new home, Gary.

    I love your advice, enjoyed “How to Alienate…” very much, and look forward to reading your new posts throughout the New Year. I know you’ve worked very hard to bring Reboot to life, and it shows. Well done!

    1. Thanks very much, Jim!
      It was a bit of a project. I’m glad you’re liking the new digs here. And thank you for all your support throughout this change. It is more than fitting that you be the first new comment here at Reboot Authentic.

    2. I agree Jim. I think this new home for Gary suits him darn well.


      You’re off to a great start! I just signed up for the eBook and the cool newsletters you’ll be sending out in the future. I’m a business who could use some real-world business knowledge, so keep hitting me with it please!

      1. Thank you Joel.

        I appreciate the kind words and the support. I think we both know that there will be no shortage of “what Gary thinks” here in the future! 🙂

        Thanks for the visit!

  3. Looks great, Gary! I’m excited to see all of the helpful yet challenging content you’re going to produce for us!

    1. Thank you, Bobbi.

      I’m looking forward to diving in myself!

  4. Priska

    I am a boomer who began my working life trained to offer great service.

    At the beginning of my working life my ability to tune into the precise needs of clients was seen as a great asset to business.

    Over time, business became much more outcome focused, managing time to increase profits was the topic of every meeting.

    My way had become old school, it was time for me to ‘boom on’.

    The reality was that clients often complained of the frustration they felt knowing that increasing profit was the only focus of business, and their problems or needs were unimportant, they went unheard.
    I’m subscribing to your site. I became so frustrated with business alienating clients in the pursuit of profit that I bowed out of the traditional workforce.

    1. Welcome aboard, Priska!

      The scenario you described is familiar to me as well. And the funny thing is – it’s actually more profitable long term to forge those “custom” relationships instead of attempting to cram everyone into the same mold. good news…your old school is back. People are demanding personal service and engagement. I like it better this way, too.

  5. I just gave your eBook a quick read – great advice Gary! I need to work on alienating more people, but it takes courage…

    1. Very true, Amit.

      It also brings focus and frees up your time. When you work only with those who “get” you – work becomes so much more enjoyable…even exciting. Thanks for sharing and I’m glad you enjoyed the eBook.

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