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blog-post-topics-2There comes a time in every content creator’s life when the idea well runs dry.Or at least we think the well has run dry.The pressure of coming up with great blog post topics can jam us up mentally over time. And when we get stuck, we tend to overlook the simple answers. We get so flustered and confused that we fail to see the solutions that may be right under our noses.The truth of the matter is that your audience, followers, and customers have given you more ideas than you realize. You probably just weren’t paying attention. I’ve been there myself. More times than it’s cool to admit as a matter of fact.I made the video below after several readers brought up this very problem to me. My advice helped get them out of their funks – let’s see if it opens the floodgates for you, too. . By the way, did you notice the reason why I made this video in the first place? It’s in the very beginning. I made it because my audience asked for it. Your audience is asking you for help, too. Sometimes directly… and sometimes indirectly. The important question is, “Are you listening?”So take an inventory. What are the questions your audience has been asking you for either directly or indirectly? Have you been paying attention and delivering content that can truly help them?