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It’s Boarding Time!

 This is exciting stuff, people.The Reboot Authentic Free Airfare Giveaway is now officially live until 11pm CST Friday February 15, 2013.If you have not read the rules, READ THEM NOW. By entering, you are agreeing to them!Whether you own your own business, or you’re someone else’s employee, or you’re a solopreneur – this is your chance to state your case and tell the judges how this trip will help push you to the next level.The purpose of this giveaway is to help someone get something positive done for their business. We are not giving away a personal trip. It must be business related. Not sure what that means? Watch this video!You can share as much or as little information as you’d like, but make sure your entry includes at least the following:

  • Who are you? Tell the judges a little about you. 
  • What is your business?
  • If you are selected as the recipient of this trip, where would you go?
  • WHEN would you go on your trip? (important!)
  • Which city would you leave from, and where would to fly to? (Check available cities!)
  • What business related activity will you be taking part in when you’re there?
  • Why do you think this trip will be a game changer for you?

…and anything else that you think is important for the judges to know. 

Speaking Of Judges…

Here are the people you’ll need to win over. Jim Besseyfree airfare giveawayJim Bessey is owner and editor at SoWrite.Us, an active writers’ community that offers helpful articles and monthly cash-prize competitions.

  Bobbi Emelfree airfare giveawayBobbi Emel  is a Psychotherapist who specializes in helping people face life’s significant challenges and regain their resiliency. Download her free ebook, “Bounce Back! 5 keys to survive and thrive through life’s ups and downs.” you can visit Bobbi at The Bounce Blog and follow her on Facebook or on Twitter (@BobbiEmel ) Wendy Kruegerfree airfare giveawayWendy Krueger is the founder of Visionology where she writes about unconventional inspiration in achieving your goals and dreams. She is launching The Visionology Show where she will interview guests on their out of the box ideas and projects.   Mary Jakshfree airfare giveawayMary Jaksch, is the blogger behind, the leading blog for writers, and Her tranquil Introduction to Meditation has been downloaded over 12,000 times. 

Oh, did I mention that if you have not read the rules you should READ THEM NOW – because by entering, you are agreeing to them! 

The Rest Is Up To You.

Now that you know who you have to convince, the comments section is all yours, my friends!