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 If you’ve ever wanted to go do something amazing for your business like…free airfare

  • Go meet a potential partner in person
  • Go to a huge industry seminar and get the ammo you need to launch your big idea
  • Show up on that BIG prospect’s door on the other side of the country and close the deal that would be the turning point for your business
  • Get one-on-one training from an expert you admire

…but the distance and the cost of getting there was too much of a barrier for you – I have good news for you.

I’m going to smash that barrier and put you in a position to go do those things!

Before I get all jazzed up and start my enthusiastic rant, just watch the video. (I’ll rant later) Pretty cool, right?I’m stoked and I won’t even be going on the trip! 

So there are 4 things I’d really appreciate you doing for me:

1: If you’re not already an insider – become one today by using the form below. Insiders get updates, my free eBook, and a promise of not being spammed to death.2: Use the social sharing icons below to a) Like Reboot Authentic on Facebook; and b) Tweet this post. Help spread the word!3: If you like the idea of this giveaway, please go give it a like here on YouTube as well.4: Tell everyone you know personally who could benefit from free airfare about the giveaway. Send them here. See, the whole Purpose of this is to give one lucky person with a great idea an opportunity to go make something amazing happen. So get ready to enter – and if you can’t use the trip please tell someone who can.Get ready to tell your story on the 31st. The judges and I will be waiting!Good luck to you!