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online marketingMay 2013With another month of steady growth at Reboot Authentic in the books, I thought it was high time I share some outstanding content with you again.If there’s a theme to this edition of Best of The Web, it would be reader questions.While I do my very best to answer all the emails you all send me, sometimes it’s best to address the whole group.I figure that if I get the same question six or seven times, it’s a good bet that many more people would like to hear the answer.So today’s featured content is all related to questions I’ve recently received from you.Enjoy!

Peter Sandeen – PeterSandeen.comRecently, I’ve been reading more and more of Peter’s content. Initially, because he kept showing up alongside names that I personally know and trust like Mary Jaksch and Danny Iny. When Mary and Danny tell me I should follow someone, I usually take a look.And once I began reading his content – I have to tell you it is some of the most useful marketing and conversion information online. Peter knows his stuff.I get asked often how I’ve made the strides I have in such a short period of time. My answer is usually, “Seek the company of experts and do a lot of little things right.” Peter is a master of the little things that add up and pay big dividends.In particular, check out…Reality Check – How You’ll Really Get from 0 to 1,000 Subscribers in 6 Months(Guest post on Firepole Marketing)3 Common Beliefs that Will Ruin Your Business (from

online marketing

John Morgan – JohnMichaelMorgan.comAnother guy I’m really becoming a big fan of is John Morgan. John is a branding expert, a straight-forward, no-BS kind of guy, and a raging Nirvana fan if that matters to you. He’s a bright guy who tells it like it is. John’s posts make me feel like I’m sitting across the table from him at a coffee house or a bar getting business advice from a friend.If you like frank, honest, and smart content that will help you build your business through better branding, give John a read.You all email me pretty regularly about the way I engage with you here. I get asked often, “Do you really email every subscriber? How do you make time? Does that scale??” (Scaling. ugh.)Take a look at this recent post from John. This post answers the question about what I do and why I do it.One Simple Way to Build a Loyal AudienceCopyblogger – Guest post by Ben SettleNot that Copyblogger needs me to send readers their way, but what the heck. Glad to help. This piece by Ben Settle grabbed me.More than addressing a specific question that I’ve received, this post gives a look into my attitude toward sales. You’ve no doubt picked up that I believe that a sale is the result of excellent service and engagement – not pushy sales techniques or fancy pitches.This post is about email marketing – but Ben illustrates very well why sometimes the best sales pitch is no sales pitch at all.How To Sell Without SellingAmit Amin – HappierHuman.comAmit and I frequent many of the same places online and if you’ve been around here often, you’ve no doubt seen some of his thorough, insightful comments on my posts here.This post also reminds me more of my answer to a lot of questions than it reminds me of a particular question. It’s about savoring, finding delight in the details, and appreciating the process.While Amit wrote this post about money specifically, you’ll find that the principles he lays out are also applicable to your life, to your business… and to any worthwhile process, really. As you’ll see, Amit is an intelligent, thoughtful, and thorough writer. I think you’ll enjoy this!Money Secret #4 – Delight Is In The DetailsCorbett Barr – Start A Blog That MattersMany of the questions you all email me are about how I went about getting Reboot Authentic started. The questions range from choosing my domain to launching to guest posting to promotion… you get the idea.Rather than answering many different “how to start your blog” questions, I’d like to re-recommend to you joining Corbett Barr’s Start a Blog That Matters course. I’m a member and I still consult it regularly today. My launch here at Reboot Authentic was based on this course.The course is very affordable and provides lifetime access. So it’s like a blogging reference book. Some of the things it covers include…

Choosing a topicBrandingstart a blog that mattersDesignSocial media strategyLaunch planningContent creationNetworking with other bloggersAudience buildingPromotionMonitization(And more)

If you’re building a blog and you haven’t considered this course, you should. If you’ve looked at it before and you’re not getting the results you want, I’d advise you to go to Start A Blog That Matters and reconsider. It’s one of the best investments I made in the early stages of Reboot Authentic. Now it’s your turn…Tell us what you thought of the above content – and maybe share something outstanding you found online! 

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