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03-07-2013Best of the web

The last month or so has been crazy busy here at Reboot Authentic. Between the Free Airfare Giveaway, an active guest posting campaign, and my usual fly-around-the-country schedule, it’s been nuts. And fun. And it went by really quickly.Today I’m going to share some of the content I’ve been immersing myself in over the last month or so in the second edition of my Best of The Web.

I Need Your Help

Before we get started, though, I want to ask for your help. When you come across truly stellar content online, please send it to me. I can only read so much content, and I only know a certain number of people. I’d appreciate the help!As busy as things get, I still make time to try and find useful content that your and I can learn from together.It seems like this month, I’ve been attracted mostly to content about writing, audience building, and engagement. Not that those topics are a departure from the norm for me, but even so – that’s what’s been catching my eye. So without any further delay… straight out of my Evernote… here is my Best of The Web.Danny Iny – The Audience Business MasterclassRecently, I’ve been working very hard at taking my blog to the next level. And you know as well as I do that you can’t ‘wing’ significance in any field. You need education and training from people who have pulled off what you want to do.You may also know that I don’t buy in to all of the snake oil salesman, ridiculous claim-laden B.S. out there in the blogosphere. There is a pretty short list of people who I have witnessed actually walking the walk. Danny Iny of Firepole Marketing is one of those people. I believe all the promises and claims that come out of his mouth (or keyboard) because he’s the real deal and has delivered time and time again without fail.Audience buildingThat’s why I was so excited to see Danny launch his new Audience Business Masterclass recently. I attended Danny’s webinar about the class and shortly thereafter jumped in with both feet.ave to tell you I can honestly report to you that this is the most thorough, most comprehensive course on how to to build your online legacy that I have ever seen. And I’m only on lesson 4 of 14.There is SO much detailed, valuable content in this masterclass, rather than describe it, I’ll just list some of it…

  • Picking your niche
  • Profiling your audience
  • Positioning yourself in your market
  • Your first impression incentive (opt-in bait)
  • Creating engagement with your auto-responder sequence
  • Guest posting
  • Developing a content calendar
  • Launching properly
  • How to design courses to sell
  • How to craft offers that sell
  • Building products people want
  • How to find partnerships and joint ventures
  • Mastering webinars

Aside from the phenomenal content, Danny and his team provide an amazingly high level of support when you need help or have a question. They earn an A+ in customer service.Seriously – this is great stuff  from a guy who has successfully done it all. The masterclass is worth every penny and then some. If that’s not enough to convince you, Danny has also attached an AMAZING guarantee to the course.

If you follow this masterclass and aren’t earning $3k-$6k per month after 12 months, he will pay you $1,000 out of his pocket.

If someone other than Danny were making that claim, I’d be highly skeptical. But Danny’s a person of integrity. The course is that good.

At the risk of ranting and/or gushing, I’ll leave it at this…

If you have big ambitions online, join Danny Iny’s Audience Business Masterclass. I’m in it and most of the people I know who are serious about making it online are in it, too.

You won’t regret it.

Krissy Brady – on LoriTaylor.comThis one is courtesy of  the @RebootAuthentic Twitter stream.There is more Twitter content out there than one would care to curate. But every once in a while, something smart jumps up, and bites you in the buttocks. Krissy wrote this post about Twitter tips that actually work.It’s a good post. The part that really caught my eye was the lists of the 20 Least Retweetable Words and the list of the 20 Most Retweetable Words. After reading those, give your last 100 tweets a self-exam. I bet you can identify some areas of improvement that will make you more retweetable.She also offers 17 other smart tips in the post. Go give it a look and up your Twitter game.18 Tips, Tricks, and tools to Rock Your Twitter Campaign (That Actually Work)Jon MorrowI’ve always followed Jon’s work, but lately I’ve been reading more of it than usual. Let’s face it, the guy is a master at pulling you in with killer headlines that provoke curiosity and make you *have* to click them.You think that a guy (me) who promotes Jon’s free 52 Headline Hacks eBook right here on this site might be immune to these addictive headlines. Nope. I click the heck out of them. This morning I found myself watching cat videos on YouTube for crying out loud. I blame Jon.I’m sharing the following two posts for two reasons. 1) They contain great writing advice; 2) They are stellar examples of writing headlines that are hard not to click.5 Lessons cats Teach Us About Creating Blissfully Mindless ContentThe Forrest Gump Guide to Writing That Bites Readers in the ButtocksMars DorianMars is edgy, he’s smart, and he’s an amazing artist to boot. He was also kind enough to contribute to my round-up post when Reboot Authentic launched.I regularly read Mars’ blog, but very recently one of his posts really jumped out at me. I told you I was consuming a lot of content on writing lately, right? Well a key component of writing is being able to tell a story well. In fact, it’s also a key component in sales, marketing, and communication in general.Mars recommends 5 podcasts to get your creative juices flowing. These are 5 podcasts that I never listened to before. Thanks to this post, I’m going to give them all a listen now.Go read (and listen to):5 Essential Podcasts That Help YOU Become a Successful Storyteller.Corbett Barr – ThinkTrafficIf you’ve read Reboot Authentic for any amount of time, you know I’m a fan of Corbett Barr and ThinkTraffic.  He’s another one of the ‘good guys’ online. Corbett is understandably mostly known for being a traffic expert. However, I’d argue that he’s just as accomplished in the area of content creation.The morning of this very Best Of post, ThinkTraffic published an “Ask The Readers” post by Caleb Wojcik that is generating some interesting comments. It taught me a lesson about what all of you who read Reboot Authentic respond to. If you’re curious about what that lesson was, you can read my entry in the comments section of the post. Check out the post – and answer the question. Pay particular attention to the “why?”Ask the Readers: What is Your Most Popular Piece of Content & Why?Leslie Samuel – Become A BloggerI guess today could be an official meeting of the “Online White Hat Society” here at Reboot Authentic. I just noticed that I’m featuring several of my favorite “good guys” today. Leslie Samuel is no exception. He’s a biology professor, has a wonderful podcast, and is the brains behind the Become a Blogger web site. he and his wife also have a beautiful new baby. (Congratulations, Leslie!)I mentioned that I’ve really been focusing on engagement recently – and there is a reason. The world is changing. Your audience no longer wants to be broadcasted to or talked at. They want interaction. They want to belong. They want to matter to you. I won’t launch into a whole essay on the topic, but you get the idea.Leslie wrote a post recently about getting more engagement on your blog. On the surface, it’s good basic and simple blogging advice – but below the surface will spawn many ideas for you on how to interact with and engage others anywhere – not just on your blog.Ten Ways To Get More Engagement On Your BlogBest of the web

Send Your Nominees In!

Although I’m constantly looking for new and interesting content, there’s no way I can find every amazing article out there.Please – If you find anything that you consider bookmark worthy or that really makes you go, “hmmm…”  I want to see it for consideration in my next Best of The Web. So if you’ve found something great, send it to me. Thanks! Time To Speak Up…What have you been reading lately?