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Productivity in businessFour very long days, tens of hours hunting down candidates, hundreds of phone calls, a half dozen interviews, and one excellent hire. That was my week.After all my years of recruiting, I have become very good at identifying people who can do the job. I can assess skills, aptitude, professionalism, communication skills, outward attitude, and behavior as well as anyone.Yeah, I can claim the title ‘expert’ in identifying those who can.What I still cannot identify with any high level of accuracy are those who will.Will you work hard?Will you consistently turn out high levels of the right activity?Will you be just as productive when you’re in a horrible mood? When you feel lousy?Will you be an ambassador for your work?Will you be a leader and a supportive co-worker?Will is more important than can. It’s more important than talent, too. A moderately skilled person who will is able to outperform a gifted person who won’t.Those who will thrive on activity and challenge.Those who will don’t need to be pushed – their natural state is in motion. They find things to do. They find people to serve. They can smell opportunities and they see things from angles that the ‘cans’ don’t know exist.Those who will don’t wait for the perfect tool or the perfect opportunity. They say, “What the hell – let’s give it a shot!” They move forward and risk failure because they know that the only real failure is not trying.Those who will don’t spend all their time planning. The perfect plan never materializes – and those who will know this. They forge ahead and plan for multiple contingencies along the way.Those who will could possibly be the business world’s greatest commodity. 

Which Type Are You?

Do you spend hours upon hours planning but never implementing?Are you waiting for the ‘right’ break or the ‘right’ opportunity?Or are you someone who is always moving forward, learning, and adjusting along the way?Are you among Those Who Will?