5 Ways To Make The Shift From Broadcasting To Engagement

Want to know how to stand out online or offline? Do you believe the hype that Content Is King? I would argue that while content (product) is important, how you deliver that product and how you serve (engagement) is even more important. No Traction After all my years in sales management, I am still blown away […]

5 Transparent Integrity Strategies For Your Blog That Your Readers Will Love

  I just finished unsubscribing from a bunch of email lists this morning. Some of them were lists of people who are pretty highly regarded online. You’d know the names if I typed them. Why did I do that? Honestly, I’m just tired of the constant, hokey, salesy, automated messages. “Gary – Join me for […]

RIP Authenticity, Passion, and Guru. (And Save Epic Sh*t!)

You may or may not already know that I can get pretty tweaky over words. I’m assuming that if you’re here and you’re reading this, you find some type of value in blogs. It may be for entertainment, personal development, business advice, or any number of other reasons – but we’re all here together, aren’t […]