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20 5 Ways To Make The Shift From Broadcasting To Engagement

broadcasting to engagement

Want to know how to stand out online or offline?

Do you believe the hype that Content Is King?

I would argue that while content (product) is important, how you deliver that product and how you serve (engagement) is even more important.

No Traction

After all my years in sales management, I am still blown away at the number of people and companies who sell virtually the same types of products to the same people in the same ways and wonder why they can’t seem to make a splash.

Online, I’m sad to say, it’s even worse. There are so many blogs broadcasting the same messages to the same audience using the same methods that there is a term for the phenomenon: The Echo Chamber.

What exactly is it about your blog or online business that makes me want to abandon the 75-ba-jillion others in your market and hitch my wagon to your star?

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3 Engagement + Empathy + Credibility = Genuine Trust

In my last post, I railed on the Echo Chamber a bit for watering down the meaning of great words.

Truth be told, it’s not so much the overuse of the words that bothers me – it’s the lack of substance. Who am I kidding? Both of those things tick me off.

And then tonight, I met a young guy who proves that originality, intelligence, and even authenticity (yeah, I typed it) still exist. More about him in a bit.

To set the record straight, I love the word authenticity. I love what it is supposed to mean – which is something real, genuine, and not copied. What I hate is when it’s thrown around haphazardly because THAT dilutes the meaning of the word. So there you go.


My Special Skill

From all my years of experience in business – all my successes and failures – one thing I have become very good at is seeing the forest and the trees at the same time. To put it another way, I have a knack for seeing through the fog, the tangles, and all the details to see what is or is not genuine about people, organizations, and situations.
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