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8 Action, Like Scissors, Beats Paper


When was the last time someone asked you what your GPA was? It’s probably been a while.  That doesn’t really even matter much anymore, does it?

Likewise, unless you’re a lawyer, physician, or some other occupation that requires official certification – your education doesn’t matter like it used to either.

These days, people are much more interested in your answer to one very important question than they are interested in what a piece of paper says about you. And you better have a great answer to that question ready.
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3 Looking To Pass Blame? Check The Mirror.

I had a business encounter recently that made an impression on me. It had to do with one party in a business relationship being upset by something that was said by the other party in the relationship.

When I spoke to the first party to listen to their story, guess who was to blame? I know you see where this is going. Then, when I spoke to the second party to hear them out, guess who was to blame?

Right. Each of them told the story as if they had done absolutely nothing wrong – and each presented themselves as a completely innocent victim of the other person’s behavior. To top it all off,  both seemed very honest and sincere about their version of the events.
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1 Maybe You Just Need A Good Butt-Kicking

At various times throughout a person’s life, an occasion arises in which said person is due a big, ugly butt-kicking. Not a literal physical fustigation, mind you – but a comeuppance…a hard lesson…failure…a loss.

Making a mistake here or there (and being forced to deal with the consequences) is good for you.

Granted, not all mistakes are good things. Certain mistakes are always bad. For instance, say – bomb technicians or surgeons or maybe those guys who juggle chainsaws.

(Quick…name three people who you never want to hear say, “Whoops!”)

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