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16 5 Steps To Reclaim Your Momentum After The Holidays

So here you are. January…whatever, 2013.momentum

The holidays are over, but you still can’t quite get into your normal routine.

You can’t seem to get started – and if you do get started, you find it difficult to maintain any momentum.

It’s frustrating – and it can make you feel like you’re being lazy or ineffective.

Don’t feel too guilty about it. Everyone has experienced difficulty getting back on track after some time away from their normal routine.
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33 Are You Someone Who Can or Someone Who Will?

Productivity in business

Four very long days, tens of hours hunting down candidates, hundreds of phone calls, a half dozen interviews, and one excellent hire. That was my week.

After all my years of recruiting, I have become very good at identifying people who can do the job. I can assess skills, aptitude, professionalism, communication skills, outward attitude, and behavior as well as anyone.

Yeah, I can claim the title ‘expert’ in identifying those who can.

What I still cannot identify with any high level of accuracy are those who will.

Will you work hard?

Will you consistently turn out high levels of the right activity?

Will you be just as productive when you’re in a horrible mood? When you feel lousy?

Will you be an ambassador for your work?

Will you be a leader and a supportive co-worker?

Will is more important than can. It’s more important than talent, too. A moderately skilled person who will is able to outperform a gifted person who won’t.
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27 The Care And Feeding of A Brain Trust

brain trust

I’m going to tell you how to get past that problem you’re having. Or maybe the one you’re about to have.

No matter how expert you are at what you do, you will occasionally run into a roadblock that stops you cold, causes you to get that ‘deer in the headlights’ look on your face, and tangles your synapses in knots.

And there’s a reason for it.

You May Have Have Expertitis
The good news here is that it’s not fatal, but it can be fairly unpleasant – what with the shakes and profuse sweating and all.

Too much exposure to a particular field, project, or problem can actually lock up the wheels of the creative process.

I call it Expertitis…because I make up words.

It works like blinders on a horse. Whatever you focus on the most eventually dominates your field of vision. Then when a problem comes up that requires looking at the situation from a completely different angle, we get confused and panicked because we can’t see that angle.

Think of any organization you have ever been a part of – or any governmental body you have ever observed. At some point, you have noticed a big glaring organizational problem.

To you it looks like a flashing red beacon that just screams, “Fix me! Fix me! I’m right here in your face destroying your work, man! Look at me!”

…and yet for some reason, the people in charge seem oblivious to it.

“Well…That’s ‘cause they’re idiots, Gary.”

Maybe so in some cases, but more often than not it’s because they’re too close to the problem.
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1 Boost Your Productivity By Eliminating This One Thing


When we get motivated to attack and crush a goal, we tend to unknowingly make the process more complex than it needs to be. We create noise that keeps us from moving forward. I’m not sure what it is about the human condition that attracts us to noise instead of action, but we seem to make a beeline for noise like a politician to a camera …or an intern.

Eliminate the noise – get more done.



The Wrong Way To Organize Your Day

When you first establish a goal, more often than not you begin simply by making a to-do list of things that will help you reach it. But as you begin to list the things that will help us achieve this goal, something starts to happen. You realize that you have other things to do besides that goal.

So your list starts branching off. Now it has three to-do’s for the goal you’re trying to achieve plus a get milk or drop off dry cleaning here and there. Add in a call Randy and an organize filing system – and what do you have?

Noise. Unproductive, confusing noise.
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2 How To Boost Other’s Productivity In Seconds

No matter who you are, you are looked up to by at least one person. Possibly many people. It could be your child, your friend, your co-worker, or maybe even your boss.

Why not make a conscious, concerted effort to make their day? Not only does it make them feel good, but it can help to make them more productive.


It’s Not Just Nice

I’m pretty proud of being fluff-free here at Reboot Authentic, and I stand by that with this post.

I would argue that a few seconds of positive feedback isn’t just a nice thing to do, it’s also a legit, concrete method of getting things done.

Think of a time when someone who you admired told you that they appreciated something you were doing, thanked you for doing a good job, or complimented you in some way. I’ll wager it gave you a huge energy and confidence boost, didn’t it? Afterward you were likely more productive, too.
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4 5 Steps To Eating A Frog

(Or…5 Steps To Prioritizing Tasks)

If your life is anything like mine, it’s fast-paced and busy.

As we progress in our professional lives and as we age (not that I’d know about that), we quickly come to realize that one of the most valuable resources in our lives is time. It’s something we need to make the most of while we still have it.

If I only had more time.
Where did the time go?

When you get really busy, winging it is no longer effective. Here are some task prioritizing tips that help me make sure I’m getting all my important tasks done. Give it a try. Continue reading

When To Walk Away from It All


A lot of us are busy. 12 hour work days and 6 or 7 day work weeks aren’t really that uncommon anymore. That’s why one of my pet peeves is people who bitch excessively about being soooo busy.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind someone saying, “Man! Things have been busy at the office lately.” That’s fine…and probably a lead-in to an interesting conversation. What I’m talking about are those people who go on and on complaining and sighing about their super-hectic schedule as if no one else on the planet has ever been as busy as they are. You know who I mean.

That being said, I have been soooo busy lately. (Sigh!)

Kidding, kidding…
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The 8 Qualities of People Who Crush Their Goals

If you have ever fallen short of a goal that was important to you, I know how you feel. You feel like you made your best effort, but you still fell on your face. It’s frustrating, confusing, and a blow to your ego. I get it.

The problem is that it’s very easy to get bogged down in over-planning, procrastination, and self-doubt. These things are time and energy suckers. You can literally waste days, weeks, and months living in this world – and not realize it until it’s too late.

Good news. You could be just one or two small adjustments away from turning the corner and crushing your goals.

Here are eight qualities that exist in people who routinely do just that. Adopt these qualities and watch how your performance improves.
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