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31 18 Online Authorities Share Insights On Content Marketing For Business

18 Authorities on content marketing for business

Reboot Authentic is all about helping you get online, create your own market space, and sell smarter.

In a business climate in which so many have chosen to sell the same types of products and service to the same people in the same old conventional ways, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be noticed – online or offline. At the very least, you need to have a clear understanding of what makes you and your business unique, know your market intimately, and know how to sell to customers in a way that is meaningful to them.
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11 Welcome To Reboot Authentic!

The underlying message of Reboot Authentic begins with one simple belief: YOU are a business.

Whether you work for someone else, run your own business, are a solo entrepreneur, or are a salesperson who earns only when you sell – YOU are a business.

The way customers buy is undergoing a massive shift – as is the way customers want to be treated by those who aspire to call them clients. Small, people-centered companies are thriving because of their high level of engagement and the big boys (at least the smart ones) are trying their best to seem smaller and more personal to accommodate the shift.

Selling the same types of products and services to the same people in the same ways won’t get you to where you want to be. You need to purposefully define your market, choose your company wisely, and sell to people in a way that resonates with them. If you’ve had difficulty gaining traction in whatever field you’re in, Reboot Authentic can help.
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6 On Overcoming The Loud

We live in a world where for some reason it seems society has decided that the loudest and most obnoxious should be listened to.

You know what I mean. You see two people disagreeing or arguing about something and they start to try to out-volume each other. They get louder and louder while talking over each other. This is usually accompanied by wagging fingers and for some reason, nose to nose proximity.

A question: If both people in a conversation are talking, who the hell is listening?

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Is It Time To Fillet The Big Fish In Your Little Pond?

Recently, a friend of mine shared a story with me about how one of the long-time salespeople in his organization was (seemingly) suddenly let go. My friend seemed shocked over the news. This person’s numbers were still among the best in the company.

I had an idea what it might be…and asked him several follow-up questions to validate my assumptions.

I asked him if the company had recently been growing and because of it had brought on new people. He said, “Well, yeah…we’ve had a lot of growth over the last couple years, and we’ve brought on several new sales reps.”

My next question was, “Are some of those new sales reps posting good numbers and getting some internal buzz because of it?” To which he said, “Oh yeah – two of them especially have done a phenominal job.”
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5 The Amazing Power Of Empathy

In sales, business, and life in general – there are many skills, traits, and qualities that you should adopt and practice if you want to be a success. Things like persistence, patience, creativity, honesty, integrity, and a thousand more that we read about in all those business and personal development books.

While all of those traits are important, there is one key trait…wait, no – skill that is the building block of success in all types of relationships. The literal foundation of succeeding in just about anything you hope to master.
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2 Raging Fans – The Southwest Airlines Way

Southwest Airlines

A Lousy Southwest Flight That Left Me LUVing Them Anyway

As I will no doubt say many, many times in the future…I LUV Southwest Airlines.

I could go on and on as to why – and I most certainly will in future posts because they are a business model that I believe EVERY business should study.

They exude excellence…except for this last Tuesday.

Would you like to know six simple and common sense ways that you can retain your customers – in fact have them brag about you – after you drop the ball?

Then read on. That’s exactly what Southwest did this week.
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1 This Is Not Your Grandpa’s Marketplace


In most industries, competing businesses typically compete with each other in the same ways, according to the same rules, with nearly the same products and services – and to the same exact customers.

When a marketplace becomes crowded and a company wants to stand out in order take business away from the competition, they normally have two choices: They can choose to compete on price – or they can customize their service somehow.

Neither of these is an ideal option in the “new marketplace” and I’ll tell you why:
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4 Dropping The S-Bomb


At the bottom of this post is a photo I came across in my iPad tonight. It makes me laugh every time I look at it. Tonight it got me thinking about how the general public views salespeople.

I’ve always found it amusing (and a little sad) how most people react to the word “sales.” Even more dramatic is their reaction to the word “salesperson.” To many people those are words that conjure up images of swarming sales associates like the guys at the car lot in the movie Cadillac Man or lying swindlers like the crew in Tin Men.

Because of movies like that – and maybe because of some bad real-life experiences with salespeople, a portion of the public has branded “sales” as a dirty word.

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Outside Your Comfort Zone – Are You All In?

All In?

Through repetition and over time I have noticed that when people are asked to take on a new task or embrace a new idea that is outside their comfort zones, they normally react in one of two ways.

It’s either Bitch and moan or I’m all in.

The Bitch and moan people are experts at finding a cloud in the silver lining. They behave this way out of fear and seem to live by the motto, “But…but…we’ve never done it that way before!

The I’m all in people are also scared when they try new things. Change is scary sometimes. But these folks are way more motivated by the possibility of pulling off something significant than they are motivated by fear of failure.
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