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21 Jumpstart Your Business: Free Airfare Giveaway


If you’ve ever wanted to go do something amazing for your business like…free airfare

  • Go meet a potential partner in person
  • Go to a huge industry seminar and get the ammo you need to launch your big idea
  • Show up on that BIG prospect’s door on the other side of the country and close the deal that would be the turning point for your business
  • Get one-on-one training from an expert you admire

…but the distance and the cost of getting there was too much of a barrier for you – I have good news for you.

I’m going to smash that barrier and put you in a position to go do those things!

Before I get all jazzed up and start my enthusiastic rant, just watch the video. (I’ll rant later)
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31 18 Online Authorities Share Insights On Content Marketing For Business

18 Authorities on content marketing for business

Reboot Authentic is all about helping you get online, create your own market space, and sell smarter.

In a business climate in which so many have chosen to sell the same types of products and service to the same people in the same old conventional ways, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be noticed – online or offline. At the very least, you need to have a clear understanding of what makes you and your business unique, know your market intimately, and know how to sell to customers in a way that is meaningful to them.
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11 Welcome To Reboot Authentic!

The underlying message of Reboot Authentic begins with one simple belief: YOU are a business.

Whether you work for someone else, run your own business, are a solo entrepreneur, or are a salesperson who earns only when you sell – YOU are a business.

The way customers buy is undergoing a massive shift – as is the way customers want to be treated by those who aspire to call them clients. Small, people-centered companies are thriving because of their high level of engagement and the big boys (at least the smart ones) are trying their best to seem smaller and more personal to accommodate the shift.

Selling the same types of products and services to the same people in the same ways won’t get you to where you want to be. You need to purposefully define your market, choose your company wisely, and sell to people in a way that resonates with them. If you’ve had difficulty gaining traction in whatever field you’re in, Reboot Authentic can help.
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11 I Don’t Trust You


Yesterday’s post was about how some social time at a convention helped me build rapport with some potential prospects.

But what if you don’t have those kind of opportunities in your business? What if you’re in inside sales and speak to your prospects only over the phone? What if you run an online business and most of your prospect contact is done via email?

No problem.

In yesterday’s post I promised you a simple yet effective tool to help you overcome that initial, “I don’t trust you” reflex of your prospects.
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2 Raging Fans – The Southwest Airlines Way

Southwest Airlines

A Lousy Southwest Flight That Left Me LUVing Them Anyway

As I will no doubt say many, many times in the future…I LUV Southwest Airlines.

I could go on and on as to why – and I most certainly will in future posts because they are a business model that I believe EVERY business should study.

They exude excellence…except for this last Tuesday.

Would you like to know six simple and common sense ways that you can retain your customers – in fact have them brag about you – after you drop the ball?

Then read on. That’s exactly what Southwest did this week.
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1 This Is Not Your Grandpa’s Marketplace


In most industries, competing businesses typically compete with each other in the same ways, according to the same rules, with nearly the same products and services – and to the same exact customers.

When a marketplace becomes crowded and a company wants to stand out in order take business away from the competition, they normally have two choices: They can choose to compete on price – or they can customize their service somehow.

Neither of these is an ideal option in the “new marketplace” and I’ll tell you why:
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